April 9, 2010

Retour à Montréal!

Montreal, Canada December 15th 2005

“Welcome to Round Number 2!! I guess you were all here last night so I’ll have to change the set list uh?”

After a night of browsing through the pictures and videos of Round number one, we woke up to head back to Hard Rock Café for more wristbands! Sitting at the same table for luck! I had to give an interview to Montreal’s radio station about how I had come all the way from Brasil, just for the show and how excited I was and how last night had been so amazing to go on stage and on…, whoever knows me a bit knows that I am SO not a person that gives interviews, especially in front of a crowded restaurant of screaming fans, but why won’t we do for a pair of stage passes eh?!

Off we go to the show, we actually had balcony seats (remember back when backstage members could only buy tickets by lining up in front of the arena?) that we had to buy from Ticketmaster, and as usual, the second show in Montreal was announced right after we had bought tickets for the first one already, together with airplane tickets that had to be altered, and not so happy employers… hahaha all for a good cause! Anyway, hence the not so good seats and the only balcony seats of my life for Bon Jovi.

Balcony has its good things tough; it was fun seeing the audience from up the first bowl and the reaction of everyone jumping together when the songs started, it's something you don’t really get to see when you are on the floor, so it was a good one timer for a change! Good also because our seats were right by Jon’s little stage beside the audience and we got to see him really up close for three of the songs and I can still remember Manu not being able to move because they were playing her very favorite song “Always” and I went running and dodging security to get closer to Jon’s little stage, and I did, and for the very first time touched his hand and had a panic attack lol! I really hope only real fans are reading those words or I’d be qualified as a very crazy slash maniac person…

Because it was December and ten days before Christmas, we got some very cute Jon Santa and songs; Not to mention the best part of the show where Jon ripped his pants and went backstage while still singing to change them only to come back saying he was now wearing Richie’s ones… good times the little chats in front of the drums…

Setlist: Last Man Standing / You Give Love A Bad Name / Complicated / Born To Be My Baby / Story of My Life / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Runaway / Just Older / Last Cigarette / I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty cover) / Have A Nice Day / Who Says You Can't Go Home / It's My Life / I'll Be There For Your (acoustic) / Blaze of Glory (acoustic) / Always (acoustic) / Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars / Bad Medicine / Raise Your Hands / Livin' On A Prayer

Encores: Welcome To Wherever You Are / Everyday / Treat Her Right / Run Run, Rudolph / Wanted Dead Or Alive

I still cannot believe this happened 0o!

And then there was Toronto…


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