March 30, 2011

It Feels Like Home Vancouver Round #2

Vancouver, BC CANADA March 26th 2011

I want to take this time to thank you all very much for your kindness, support and friendship…

So, this is it… the best show of my life. Where it all came together for an amazing, unforgettable night. As if last show, and what went on after that (ha!) was not unbelievable enough!

I get to my seat, God bless the last minute tickets! To find a beautiful view in front of me… because I had to, I just had to be first row in my city babe! After our signs to “Something to Believe In” and “These Days” I thought I’d just hold both the whole show… and see what would happen!
The show started from the back with “Last Man Standing” and Jon opened with a speech to welcome the Round #2 announcing there were lots of different songs to the set list, and pointing to my These Days sign I was holding. Oh yeah! At least I knew they’d play one of the songs! Ha… Welcome to Round Number Two Vancouver!

Well the show went on to have a great set; “Raise Your Hands” ,“Captain Crash”, “Livin’in Sin” and “Squeeze Box”… The speech of Bad Medicine was one of the craziest I’ve ever seen, if you need someone to get you in trouble babe, I am right here! Just Saying… but I believe he can manage this on his own.

Well as perfect as everything was going, it was the encore that took my breath away and was the perfect finale of fourteen amazing shows in the couple last years, as I held my “Something to Believe In” sign the song started and I couldn’t help but say “Thank You” about a million times…one of my absolute favorite Bon Jovi songs being played in front of my eyes, crying is an understatement, I sang it with all my heart and soul every single word to it…the eyebrow wiggle and look I got by the end of the song was just the last shot, the following song was “Wanted Dead or Alive” and I am happy I could look at Jon, thank him and get a nod, yet again… thank you Jon!

It Freaking Happened!!! Something to Believe In!

Well and then, my favorite song, that I kept missing this tour, “These Days” which for me has the most killer beginning of any Bon Jovi song, that keyboard notes take me high and my heart just goes with it, to top it off someone threw on stage a Canucks Hockey Shirt and the arena came down when Jon put the shirt on…it was beautiful and so emotional to hear this song on my very last show, the song that got me to know Bon Jovi, my very first album, my very first love…the most special lyrics. Sigh… well, no…it’s not over yet, Jon came walking to our direction and stared at me… and I lost my mind on “Jimmy jumped” when he takes a jump right in front of me and stares just to find my hand reaching out to him and he, the amazing self he is… reaches down and touches it back. No need to say this is and will always be my very best song! The Oooohh Oooohhh at the back was something I had never experienced and I wish I could say I don’t have tears running down my face as I write these words. Click On: These Days

Well the show ended with Livin’on a Prayer and with a video of the Bon Jovi crew partying in Vegas, Jon thought it was funny and was laughing through it, a surprise for the “Big Guy” on the last show of this leg of the tour

This was my last show this tour and probably for a while, but I couldn’t help but smile when the lights went on. For every show, every touch, every song, for every little piece of memory…I am just thankful. My heart is filled with love for the best band in the world, and I am so, very happy to have had the chance of meeting Jon, Richie, Tico and Dave, for the pictures, the words I said to them (even if stumble ones), the friends I made along the way and the countless nights of fun! Thank you BON JOVI, for your lyrics, your amazing shows and for touching so many lives. Jon, I still hope someday, if I ever meet you again I will get my words together to tell you you’ve written the soundtracks of my life. This tour could not have come to an end any other way. Until we meet again… my love goes out to you!

See you on the Road! You know I’ll always come back for more love.

Setlist: Last Man Standing / You Give Love A Bad Name / Born To Be My Baby / We Weren't Born To Follow / Lost Highway / Whole Lot Of Leavin' / It's My Life / Runaway / Raise Your Hands / We Got it Going On / Bad Medicine / Hot Legs [Rod Stewart cover] / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / (You Want To) Make A Memory / Living In Sin / Chapel Of Love [Dixie Cups cover] / Squeeze Box [The Who cover/acoustic] / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [acoustic] / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen from Mars / Work For The Working Man / Have A Nice Day / Keep The Faith

Encore: Something To Believe In / Wanted Dead Or Alive / These Days / Livin' On A Prayer

Ps. Shout out to Leticia that flew North for, I believe I have the right to say, one of the best weekends of her life! Thanks for being there for me with the cheap wine! Teale that I finally met, you’re a sweetheart and I hope to see you again soon and to Cassia, my partner in crime… “You and me, we are invincible together”.

Thank You God. <3


  1. Thanks for the great concert review!!!! I loved the pics, videos and the whole experience!!!!
    I loved being by your side during our crazy and amazing Bon Jovi week! :D
    Everything was awesome! We got more than we could ever imagine!

  2. Julie, thanks for the great blog and posting the photos and video of when Jon put on my Canucks Jersey. It was truly the most amazing concert to date for me (my 25th Bon Jovi show). Because of your amazing blog, you have inspired me to start one too! All the best, hope to see you at a future show! Cheryl (messymoose on the backstage boards) :)