February 14, 2011

Toronto Streets - The Come Back!

Toronto, Ontario CANADA February 13th 2011

Oh to be on the road again with good friends... back to Toronto, where I saw the band last, and waiting for a Valentine’s concert tonight that is certainly going to be special! But, while the show isn’t here...what about some Jon’s moments? What? Yeeeeeeeessss Please!!!!

Sometimes things happen or let me rephrase that, most of the times things happen, when you least expect them to...like last night, sigh... when you literally, by a chance of faith, you see Jon Bon Jovi walking on the cold streets of Toronto with a smile on his face!

So, on another blur moment of mine...I was standing next to Jon, grabbing his arm (because that’s just what I do ha ha) debating whether I should or not have a tattoo on my arm, whaaaat? I know, my very same reaction!

I walked to his direction, a bit more subtle this time...*cough* and said “Hi Jon, can I ask you something?” as someone cut me off for a picture, he looked at me and said “It’s okay honey you’ll have your chance to talk” – Yeah....I know, he’s just THAT amazing!

When whoever was beside him was gone, I was left wondering what I wanted to say in the first place, so I asked him to write on my arm, because I wanted to get a tattoo with his handwriting... and with the most gorgeous smile he said “Noooo! No tattoo!...You’ll regret it when you’re a grandma, No No No!” A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. much? Yes... but I still wanted my tattoo...so I asked again, pulling my sleeve up and he reached out to put my sleeve down and saying “No tattoooos!” So there I was with nothing on my arm, while everyone else was getting autographs on their books and getting their names spelled ;) giving him presents...

But, after an awesome smile for a group picture... where he could just have walked away...

Jon turned to me and said, “I’ll sign a paper for you” and I had nothing to give to him to sign and was already noticing he was anxy to get out of there, so he turned to my friend and got a book he was giving him as a present ...“Gimme that!” he opened the book, looked at me and said “what’s your name?” *had to think what my name was for a bit there* and he signed on the set list of songs we wanted to give him and tear down the autograph saying “I’ll keep the set list” and I... the completely-in-love-out-of-my-mind-self, was still holding his arm for dear life, looked up to him and said “You’re awesome” ha! So that’s two things I always wanted to tell him :) along came a little smirk smile with a corner of his eyes look and a head wiggle... Holly Blank!

Well, awesome is something that he is... I wouldn’t love him just because... he was nice, adorable, flirty and did things he didn’t have to do for all of us. And for everything that he is... I’ll just keep coming back for more!

Now let's hope our set list wishes are granted by the Master eh?

Ps. In the Picture: Sacha (overwhelmed with happiness), Me, JON, Cassie and Bryan! The fanstastic four and the reason for it all in the middle! ha!


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    The whole night was just perfect but we were really lucky because he was in a very good mood!!! I was happy to be there with you once again and the MAN himself!

    Love....CASSIE ;-)

  2. every second of it was just a m a z i n g! I'm really overwhelmed! :))) Thank you for being so adorable! Let's go to our first round: tonight!



  3. Amigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! He got nothing next to you, YOU're Awesome. I cant believe how in good spirit he was. Love it. I could almost be there with you guys reading the story.

  4. OH MY FUCK! You are soooooo lucky! How many times is this now that you've had special "MOMENTS," with Jon? Damn! I've gotta catch up. Anyway, congrats on having, yet again, another great moment with this fine, fine man, you're very lucky and very deserving! :) Love ya babe and miss you! MUAH!


  5. Julie, you're such a lucky girl! I can only dream that this might SOMEDAY happen to me!!! I would probably freeze and have nothing to say to him. Jon has been the love of my life since I was 13. My husband hates him but I met him (our Jon) first! What can I do? If you ever find a cure for this please let me know. But I know, you haven't found it yet... LOL

  6. Awesome experience!! How I'd love to meet him AND in such a good mood :)

  7. oh wow - I love your story, Julie. you will never forget those moments. I`m so happy for you - big hugz, Biggi John :))))) (from tico`s rockstarbaby.com)

  8. i would just die; simply drop dead.

  9. Awesome moment Julie!!!!! awww I wish it could happen to me again...every time I see them come in and come out of their hotel, but somehow, somebody always rushing them in the damn van :( argh. As for the tattoo hehehe what can I say, you should have told him u wanted to get it inked lol Cause I asked him the same thing (i mean an siggy to make a tattoo out of it) but didnt mention anything.....then I DID the tattoo anyways lmao :) no he can think whatever he wants I wnt regret it as a nana lol ;)

  10. Oh my Days!!!You made me cry Julie by every word how you explained what happened, how you met Jon.I wish I was there to. My name is Nina and I'm not a member hear but want to join. Can you be my friend? I love your videos with him..I don't have any yet but I'm going to a concert soon, and I 'll be in a first row. He is so amazing and all I wish for is the pic as well don't know will I be able to get one now or by the end of his tour this year.You're lucky you are from Candada. I was suppose to go to Canada but at the end wasn't able.I am sad about it cause i know I would make to have something so memorable with Jon. You're so lucky..I am sure Jon would remember you...What is your email???Ty..