March 28, 2011

It Feels Like Home Vancouver Round #1

Vancouver, BC CANADA March 25th 2011

“A lot of history in this beautiful town… a lot of history”

I think I’ve never been this emotional for a show in my life, maybe my very first one, if so. I’ve been all over the place to see Bon Jovi, and this was the first time they came to me, to my streets, my world…and there really isn’t anything like HOME!

Vancouver is the city of Slippery When Wet and Keep The Faith… it’s the city of Livin’on a Prayer, it had to be special. It just…had to be.

I guess listening to the sound check was a hint of what there was to come… I can’t explain how amazing it was to listen to the band playing Love’s the Only Rule, Richie doing solos with his new guitar and Mystery Train… yeah…I said Mystery Train. Dream come true!

After the backstage tour, we went back to our seats and I had brought about a hundred “Something to Believe In” signs, to my surprise, someone else had brought the other song I was going to ask “These Days” so we just placed all the signs in every chair inside the pit…*big thanks to everyone that helped the request to be granted!

Well, I, of course also had my Canada Flag that came with me to every Canadian show this tour, from east to west I carried this flag with me to show the band… and little did I know…

Now…one thing at the time! Jon made the most gorgeous speech about Vancouver and I had tears in my eyes and warmth in my heart every time, “I will always have a soft spot for this city” and how much this city meant to the band… for me? Just priceless!

Love's The Only Rule had the most gorgeous opening... and it was touching to see the Japanese fans holding their "Pray for Japan"signs up when Jon says "My Japanese love goes out to you", I did, however missed Jon coming down to the circle... I guess I'll have to smooch you some other time Jonny!

Between a holly good seat, speeches, songs, tears, a kicking set list, it was a really amazing night… Mistery Train acoustic in front of my eyes brought me to tears as well as Bed of Roses touching Jon’s hand… and a Richie’s high five before Love for Sale… I need to say that, one of the things I love the most about Bon Jovi, is how they have so much one on one contact with their fans, anywhere, in every show, everyone can have their own small moment with the band that means the world to them…

Click On: Mystery Train

Like, when the band took my flag that my I asked my friend to throw on stage for me, and open it in front of a stage full of people, and you just stand there, numb, crying…and with a state of happiness that takes over you, a special moment that no one can ever take it away from me, the band of my life playing in the city I love the most holding my flag… I still haven’t cried it all out yet.  Click On: The Band Holdin My Flag!

That was the best “Always” of my life afterwards, one that I meant every word… “I will, indeed, always love you”

As I walked out of the arena, the pit was filled with wishes of songs and with my flag around me, I could only wish… that my last show this tour, would bring me Something to Believe in… sigh…

ps. Shout out to my friend Marina for her very first Bon Jovi show! You should come back for more babe... ya know Jon likes the view of you! Ha!

Setlist: Blood On Blood / You Give Love A Bad Name / Born To Be My Baby / We Weren't Born To Follow / Lost Highway / When We Were Beautiful / It's My Life / Runaway / The More Things Change / We Got it Going On / Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman / Lay Your Hands On Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / Bed Of Roses / I'll Be There For You / Mystery Train [acoustic] / Love For Sale / Who Says You Can't Go Home / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Start Me Up [Rolling Stones cover] / Blaze Of Glory / Love's The Only Rule / Keep The Faith

Encore: Have A Nice Day / Wanted Dead Or Alive / Livin' On A Prayer / Always

And last, but not least... some shots from the backstage tour!


  1. OMG what is these pictures of the guitars and Set Lists !! What a great moment !! So Happy for you !
    You Deserve it all !!

    Thanks for sharing Julie ! Congrats

    See you on the Road ;)


  2. We had a great time! Listening to the soundcheck was priceless plus the backstage tour that was really cool!!!!!
    The first concert here in the city the we love was great! Even better because Jon has special feelings for Vancouver and all its history with Bon Jovi!
    The flag moment was AMAZING!!!!!!:D Great idea!