June 23, 2010

Say Cheese!

London, June 9th 2010!
Now before I write about my London O2 shows, I need to make a statement: I, now, have a picture with Jon Bon Jovi, the one, the only, the amazing singer, songwriter, best lead singer in the world and the owner of the gorgeous smile you can see in the picture ;) ! Aaaaahhhh!!!! Still doing a happy dance for one of the highest moments in MY LIFE!
So here’s how it all went, I had spent the day in Oxford and by the time I went back to London I was so beat up that I went straight to my hotel to crash in bed… BUT a little German bird knocked on my door with only one sentence “I Know where they are!” so off we went, holding our cameras and breaths at that London tube, it never felt so LONG to get from one point to the other in my life.
In one of those surreal moments in life when the friend that came back to you, the bus you miss, the train that leaves two seconds after you step in it, the shower you didn’t turn on by one second, the tube train that took just long enough, the right exit you take…to be exactly where you’re supposed to be to walk (literally) into the whole band of Bon Jovi crossing the road to your direction.
I, completely by impulse, crossed the road without even checking the light just to grab Jon’s arm and kinda push him to the left a little ( he couldn’t get away from me even if he wanted to lol ) and ask “Joooon, can I take a pictuuuure? “ now, I don’t know if it was either my desperate, almost crying tone of voice or whatever but he did repeat after me “Can yooouu take a pictuuure?” How priceless is it to be mocked by Jon? I loooooove it!...
After the “Sure, alright” from him I believe Mel had already taken the shot and I was still squeezing his arm so strong ( I didn’t even realize ) and I cannot recall where my other hand was haha! I thanked him and he smiled at me with “You’re welcome” and walked on leaving me speechless and yet with SO MUCH I wanted to say! Mel got her picture as well, he stopped and leaned to her (sigh) with a “Come on! Oh I am waiting for the lights, alright” short before looking at me and saying “Hurry up”! If he only knew how bad I was already shaking ,to tell me to hurry up, seriously Jon?
It was all very fast and a blur, but it happened! He walked on to leave us flipping out on the corner (Narnia as I call it) holding the camera, screaming, holding each other, crying... (repeat)!
Well, if anything was every worth in this trip, was this priceless picture, for me, the best picture in the world! Still out of breath and so forever thankful!


  1. OMG!Anyway lol I always love hearing your story over & over again, never tire of it. AND! And I absolutely love that you used the picspam I made of your ultimate pic w/jbj, so cute & awesome! I can't believe I never knew you had a blog! Love it.

  2. OH, I enjoyed your story soooooo much, all along imagining it would be me in it!!! lol Thank you Julie for sharing this with us. I've also enjoyed your youtube videos and subscribed to your channel. You're definitely one of the most dedicated Bon Jovi fans in the world!

  3. Just found you after reviewing some videos of the concert I attended in San Antonio on 3/17. I seriously do not think I could even stand to take a picture! What a moment!!

  4. God,Julie! Just found your blog and been reading it closely, not missing a single word, while tears run from my eyes! You're my idol after Jon! :) I can't even immagine how could you rezist to such pressure, emotions and pure happyness! You're blessed! Wish we could chat more...could I get your e-mail, or fb account or anything? Thank you! Big hugs!

    1. Thanks Alina :) write down your e-mail and I will contact you! I'd love to talk more! xx

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