June 3, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish, Dublin, Ireland!

Dublin, Ireland June 7th 2008

Kiss Me I’m Irish… whoever was on the show on that June Saturday Night gets the joke ;)
The show was a good one, it’s good to see the band playing really huge spaces and it was such a beautiful day! They were really excited and Jon was mentioning how he loved Ireland and that Irish girls were crazy and he should know because he married one of them! Saturday Night was one of the highlights of the night for me and of course, Bed of Roses was the most beautiful one I've ever seen, Always was AMAZING and what can I say about These Days to end the night? (big sigh)

Poor Jon had hayfever, was blowing his nose all the time, sneezing, drinking tea and still on his feet for the twenty-five songs they played. One of the reasons that he's THE best frontman out there and can put on a show anywhere in the world with the same passion and get crowds on their feet in a little bar or a freakin' desert (in our case racetrack)! Gotta LOOOOVE this man!

I would like to be able to say that the Dublin show was everything I expected it to be. But I cannot, intense, haha! For starters the show wasn’t in Dublin, but some racehorse place outside of the city called Punchestown. Of course, when you hear an interview with Jon saying one of his favorite places to play is indeed Dublin you run and get yourself tickets for a massive sold out concert …

But I believe it had a lot to do with the circumstances, no one likes a drunken audience puking all over your shoes on a beer stinking air, or a crazy person crashing the stage and – no mean to offend, but I know no other way to describe it – dry humping Jon and to top it off flipping everyone on her way out. Classy.
It was good to be there with my girls tough, camping out since 7am to get a good spot, and that we did! First row and Brazilian Flag well centered! Too bad I missed Eli, my good Irish friend, but her and I were only couple rows away from each other and didn’t know.

The set list was pretty long and the show ended at almost 10pm, the buses were very well organized on the way back to the city besides the bumpy ride... Maybe we need more of Irish luck next time!
Setlist: Lost Highway / Born To Be My Baby / Bad Name / Raise Your Hands / Captain Crash / Just Older / Sleep when I'm Dead / Mercy / Start me Up / Whole Lot Of Leavin' / Blaze of Glory / In These Arms / Bed of Roses / We've Got It Goin' On / It's My Life / Keep the Faith / I'll Be There For You - Richie Sambora Vocals / Have a Nice Day / Saturday Night / Who Says you can't Go Home / Livin'on a Prayer
 Encore: Hallelujah / Wanted Dead or Alive / Bad Medicine with Shout / Rocking All Over The World / These Days

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I will love you babe, Always!

This show deserves some camping shots!
Shout Out for all of you with me at the Show! See most of you REAL soon!

Cassinha, Mel and I!

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