June 6, 2010

Twick Night 1, London, England!

London, England June 27th 2008

London Town! One more time, one of the best shows ever! The band played two sold out nights at the Twickenham Stadium in London, this time for a change, it was actually in the city and a walking distance from the tube so no major problems going in and out or arriving early to get the fan club number on your hand! Those were the days…! lol
It’s funny how while you’re waiting hours to get in you meet people from all over the world that have one thing in common with you Bon Jovi! And you end up talking, laughing and making new friends, I like that!

So the line up started to move and we went to another line up to get our tickets until finally the gates opened and there’s the rush of seeing that empty floor with that massive stage and you can just go and get your spot so close to the band! I miss golden circle times!

Our seat was pretty AWESOME, we were very lucky this past tour, most of the shows we didn’t have anyone blocking our view, jumping on us or trying to easy their way in, except one, but that’s a story still to come!

Never thought in my life I'd get the CLASSIC Bon Jovi Show setlist start... Livin'on a Prayer followed by Bad Name, that alone already gets you to the ground! The best song live in the world as the opening song is a Killer! Extremely happy I was there for it...

The show, the atmosphere and everything else was just awesome, I love London! And for those who don’t know my “These Days” freak out, when the first note of Diamond Ring started to play with Richie and Jon singing together on the mic, that was love right there! Followed by Always and In These Arms...*THUD*
There’s somenthing in the air that makes you jump, scream, sing and cry twice as hard when it’s almost your last show of the tour, you’re not really sure when you’ll see your friends and the band live again so you just want to scream an extra notch to be on the safe side…

It was a great, very hot, British summer day and worth every second of it!

Click Here:
Diamond Ring

Setlist: Livin' on a Prayer / Bad Name / Lost Highway / Born to be my Baby / Captain Crash / I'll Sleep when I'm Dead / Twist and Shout / Blaze of Glory / Whole lot of Leavin'/ Diamond Ring / Always / In These Arms / We've got it goin'on / It's my Life / I'll be There for You / Dry County / Have a Nice Day / Keep the Faith / Who Says you can't go Home / Bad Medicine / Shout

Encore: Hallelujah / Wanted Dead or Alive

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