November 18, 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Round #1 #BecauseWeCan

Toronto, Ontario, Canada November 1st 2013
Oh yeah… so Vancouver was not the last show this tour! We tried (and tried)
Just as it goes “We trieeeed to get out, but they pulled us back in!”
And so there was Toronto! The first night ticketing was a flippin’ nightmare! Long story short we ended up having to buy, sell, exchange and buy again to get a decent floor seat! In my humble and honest opinion the buying through the fan-club only works when it’s General Admission everyone one standing their ground, otherwise you either have loads of money to spend or you get lucky with Ticketmaster (which is also a lot of money to spend) so yes, we were trapped!

We had floor seats outside the pit and they were amazing! It is so great how you can enjoy the show in a much more relaxed state when you don’t have to worry about moving around the pit and which direction Jon is moving! And because I do, this was one of the best shows of the tour for me! Jon was in a fine mood and ON FIRE! On freakin’ fire!

Click On: Amen

The setlist was pretty solid, in my opinion still too much of a rise, but any show that has “Saturday Night” and “Diamond Ring” in the acoustic set gets my respect. Because I absolutely love when Bon Jovi covers songs, one of the best parts of the show for me is absolutely “Sleep When I’m Dead” with “Great Balls of Fire” sang by David , “Takin’care of Business”  and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” plus “Bad Medicine with Shout!” it takes the crowd to a different level! And oh it was SO GOOD to have Tico back on the drums! 

Gotta say it was fun to see Phil X “at home” and Jon was making all kinds of cute little jokes with him, as well as showing him to the front on the goodbyes and bows. Many months ago that might have upset me, today, not so much. Respect to Phil X for lending guitar playing hands this tour, respect! Last time Bon Jovi played in Toronto last February, Richie Sambora was playing the guitar, and those Toronto shows were the only two I've seen with Richie this tour! Here it is:

Toronto February 17th 2013 
Toronto February 18th 2013

As for "Whole Lot of Leavin'" being back in the setlist, you can very much notice Jon's tone, and we all know who's out there "breathing that California air!" Click On: Whole Lot of Leavin'

And yes, I am a junkie for Jon’s solo on “Runaway”, it’s funny how some shows, even without unbelievable encores can turn out to be one of the most fun ones, ever! Click On: Jon Rockin' Runaway

Setlist: Water Made Me /  Bad Name / Raise your Hands / Lost Highway / Whole lot of leavin’ / It’s my Life / Because we Can /  What About Now / We got it goin’ on / Keep the Faith / Amen / Saturday Night /  Diamond Ring / Make a Memory / Born to be my baby / Born to Follow / Who Says / I’ll Sleep when I’m Dead / Great Balls of Fire / Takin’ care of Business / Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Bad Medicine with Shout / Encore: Runaway  / Wanted Dead or Alive / Have a Nice Day / Livin’ on a Prayer

October 11, 2013

Vancouver Love, Oh the Love!

Vancouver, October 3rd 2013!!
Vancouver is, without a doubt, the city where I (and my cheap-wine-partners-in-crime) had THE MOST amazing moments (surreal moments if I may say so) with this band. Most of them will be left unsaid, but this one I have to share! Because the streets of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia have never, ever been so stunning!

It was actually my birthday, and Cassia and I were driving around the city - funny thing is, when something like this is about to happen it's almost like the universe sends all these signs to prepare you for it, like you change radio stations and a Bon Jovi songs blasts off, I swear there's just something in the air! - anyway, so we were in the car when I suddenly looked out of the car window and saw Jon. Now I have no freaking clue how we managed to find a spot to park the car or even where it got parked - all I remember saying was "there! there! stop the car!" ha ha and on yet another blur of a moment I walked to Jon's direction (so calm I can't even believe) and said "Hi Joooon" and he looked at me and said "Hey, how you doing?" - Well who knows how I was doing, really! - I then asked for a picture in the most subtle way ever (no grabbing arms or anything - maybe I am growing up lol) "Can I please ask you for a picture" and he smiled so so (SO) gorgeous and said "Yes, sure!" and TA-DA! Here we are, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon with the man himself and a freakin' smile on his face!

Short after that we walked away to actually park the car properly and get a coffee (which was what we planned on doing in the first place) just to walk by our coffee shop and see everyone inside it, again! ha ha ha I wish I was kidding...Now come on! We thought it'd be best to just move along, and as we were walking out to the next coffee shop we bumped into Hugh, Bob and Rich Scanella (the drummer filling in for Tico in Vancouver) Either Vancouver was a village that day or we happened to be exactly where we were supposed to be at that moment in time! Personally, I choose to believe the second one! 

Now that's what I call a BIRTHDAY present!! Wink, Wink!

October 8, 2013

Vancouver Love, Canada October 2nd 2013 #BecauseWeCan

  "It's Vancouver for God's sake! It's great to be back!"

I don’t know what it is with home shows, you get a little extra excited, a little extra butterflies in your stomach and it’s like you feel magic in the air walking around town, maybe it was because it was my BIRTHDAY week! Or the fact I had never experience a birthday show in my life! But needless to say… it was ALL very, very special! The whole week was kind of a blur, how can one self concentrate and get anything done when BON JOVI is in town for a freaking week walking about?
I’d tell you my mind was in all places but thinking clear!
Now to the SHOW TIME, last tour when Bon Jovi hit Vancouver, not only we got two of the best shows in the tour (with amazing songs, requests being taken, hands being touched, flags getting on stage plus some extras better left unsaid!)
Read for yourself:
Vancouver March 25th 2011 Nite #1
And the ONE and ONLY best show of my life:
Vancouver March 26th 2011 Nite #2

That this time I was just NOT expecting amazing, being that not only Richie is not playing on tour but now also Tico was recovering from surgery. With only two band members on stage the show was actually better than I expected, you can totally feel Jon trying hard and harder, but still, not only the audience but also Jon knows and feels something is missing. Not that I wouldn't stand in the middle of the desert with only Jon on stage, because believe me, I freaking would! It was a pretty solid set list with many (almost too many) upbeat songs.
The circle songs were the best, at least for me, to actually hear one of my favorite songs from the new album “Thick as Thieves” as well as Bruce’s cover “Fire”. Lorenza Ponce on the violin did spice up things a bit! Check it out: 

Click on: Thick as Thieves  

 Click on: Fire

Jon walked around the circle a couple times touching everyone’s hand as much as he could and the smile (OH THE SMILE) I got from singing "Thick as Thieves" from the top of my lungs was PRICELESS! Probably the most gorgeous one that ever came my way!

The best moment for me though was during “Because We Can”, I had about one hundred small Canada Flags made with Vancouver “maples” Bon Jovi written on them and I took with me to give out around the pit area. Thanks to everyone that actually lifted up the flag during the song and to David Bergman who snapped a picture of the moment, now I have THIS! 
To always, always remember the smiles I got throughout the song! From left to right, that would be Cassia and I ! You can actually see the little flags being raised up throughout the video: Because We Can

Bad Medicine and Sleep When I’m Dead always get the best of Jon out! This time was no different, between two cover songs, little stories, odds and ends about the band and their Vancouver years (and I loooove it, or like Jon said: I like it, I like it and I like it a lot!), jackets being thrown to the ground, and a Bad Medicine with Shout! It was just the kind of trouble we were all looking for...! 

The show ended with Livin' on a Prayer leaving the arena and especially the die-hard-fans wanting more. It's hard to see a Bon Jovi show without a killer encore, but some nights you win some nights you enjoy the show!

And then, there was the after-the-show ...
Rogers Arena, October 2nd 2013 - BON JOVI STAGE!

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Raise Your Hands / Runaway / Lost Highway / Whole lot of Leavin' / It's My Life / Because We Can / What About Now / We Got it Goin' On/ Keep the Faith / Make a Memory / Saturday Night / Thick as Thieves / Fire / Captain Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says / Sleep When I'm Dead / Jumpin' Jack Flash / Start Me Up / Bad Medicine with Shout  Encore: Wanted Dead or Alive / Have a Nice Day / Livin' on a Prayer

                                           Once Upon a Time...Not so Long Ago!...

And I leave you with that! Another Bon Jovi Tour comes to an end for me! It's been a heck of a ride, amazing places and even more amazing people, from roadtrips with good friends, to singing in a car during a Canadian snowstorm, to dream-come-true songs being played in front of my eyes, to endless Summer nights and rainy Rock'n'Roll magic, to driving in the countryside of Ireland, to amazing audience energy, to song requests being granted, to Vancouver streets love (the one and only cheap wine), to guitar picks from your heroes, to new and old friends,to inside jokes and inner circles,I raise a glass...Hear Hear!

September 2, 2013

Countdown to the MOST expected one!

And so it is here...
ONE MONTH 'till the boys rock our city!

Vancouver LOVES Bon Jovi, 
we have been waiting for your love!

August 5, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic June 24th 2013 #BecauseWeCan

You know you're gonna live through  the rain!

Well, when you go following a band on tour… you either hit all the shows and forget about getting to know a city the band is playing in or (in my case) you pick some shows and also enjoy the sightseeing, restaurants and all new places and people. But have in mind, set lists change from one night to the other and you might wake up to a show you missed where the band played a song you have always, always wanted to hear sigh… so what’s left after having a fit to your friend that is traveling with you? Well… requests, good –old-amazing requests! Click on: The whole Prague show!

It was a rainy, rainy (did I mention rain?) day in Prague. We headed to the stadium (for some last minute upgrade surprises!) as late as we could to avoid the waiting in the pouring rain, I guess once you’re soaked the rain can keep falling, right? This was one of the best shows of this tour tough; it was almost like the band was rewarding the fans for waiting in the rain!
A kick ass set list with all the “rain” references you can imagine! There I was with about thirty signs to “This ain't a Love Song” waiting for the right moment to give them out to the people around me, of course it was still raining throughout the night and the signs would get wet and ripped so it really needed to be just right! I had one of the signs in a plastic cover tough and I kept raising it during the show, especially the first encore… so then comes the “requests” part of the show and Jon comes, reads the sign, points and wiggles his head… that was truly enough for me to start crying, “Love’s the only Rule” followed the Jon’s stare and point and I was standing there in awe singing from the top of my lungs!

Click on Keep the Faith: Beanie cute alert!

The encore goes on and on and as much as “These Days” takes the show to a whole other level, I was on a

mission haha…! By the time “Livin’on a Prayer” ended, the band was leaving the stage and I just thought it was the perfect time to give away the signs, so I did. The song was over, the band was bowing and I was still hoping and holding that sign up!
So then Jon points again and smiles, then he calls Tico, shows him my sign and point about two more times! And then, right there, on that rainy Prague night, I heard for the first time one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs, I still cannot believe it happened! I even got another point before the song started with the most gorgeous smile, HOLLY ROCK AND ROLL magic! With the die-hard-fan ending to the song, back from 95’ where Jon walks out from the stage going “Ohhhhh ohhhh Ohhhh…” 

I do not think this song could have been most special! Sigh…Thank YOU Johnny!!!!
Ladies and gentleman, This ain't a love song!

Thanks Cassie as well for the little push! :)

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Raise your Hands / Lost Highway / Radio Saved my Life Tonight / It's My Life / Because We Can / What About Now / We've Got it Going On / Keep The Faith / Make a Memory / In These Arms / Captain Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says you can't go Home / I'll Sleep when I'm Dead  / Bad Medicine / Shout  Encore: Love's the Only Rule / Wanted Dead or Alive / I'm With You / These Days / Livin' on a Prayer Encore: This Ain't a Love Song
Oh and before I close this post, here's a snapshot of a super cool encounter in the streets of Prague!
Phil X who is "helping us out and getting us through" this tour! One of the nicest guys out there!

July 21, 2013

Stuttgart, Germany June 21st 2013 #BecauseWeCan

“Gimme the beat boys and free my soul… I wanna get lost in your Rock’n’Roll and drift away…”

Ahhh Sttutgart, Germany! Last time I walked around your streets I had one of the best nights of my life! One of the most amazing shows,  dream come true, kind of nights! “Gimme the beat boys and free my soul… I wanna get lost in your Rock’n’Roll and drift away…” Stuttgart 2008 Review! 

This was a show full of surprises and in Jon’s words “All kind of crazy shit happening tonight”!  The setlist was one thing that moved around, “Radio” was back! And I absolutely love the melody and lyrics to this song. Diehards will understand! “Yes he did! A long, long time ago, when a DJ, could grab you by your heart strings, pull it in, make you drive fast, and rock’n’roll all night long, oh DJ, let me hear it, one more time!” Radio Save my Life Tonight

But the highlight of the night for me was when this little rocker boy that was right beside us, got to his dad’s shoulder holding a sign saying “He Jon do you dare ROCK Wanted Dead or Alive with me” Jon saw him and smiled a couple times agreeing to it. His dad took him all the way to the first row and they took him up to the stage. It was so adorable how Jon reacted to him, even trying to speak German! And how they rocked the song together! They were both having fun and Jon was cracking up!
Here’s a video to it: Wanted Dead or Alive with Marco

Then we scored three new songs on encore plus a “Love’s the only Rule” most beautiful… one of the most amazing lyrics ever written by Bon Jovi “with my heart and my hand I say Sing… Ohhh Ohhhh …” and Jon finishing the song kneeling down and moving straight on to the intro of “Prayer” Holly epic! Did I mention I love this fucking band? Pardon my French, but I fucking do! 

May I just add God bless those black leather pants?! Hallelujah!!!!

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Raise your Hands / Born to be my Baby / Radio Saved my Life Tonight / Runaway / It’s my Life / Because We Can / What About Now / We Got it Goin’ On / Keep The Faith / Superman Tonight / Lost Highway / Crash / Wanted Dead or Alive / Born to Follow / Who Says / Sleep When I’m Dead / Bad Medicine Encore: Amen / I’m with you / Army of One / Love’s the Only Rule / Livin’ on a Prayer 

July 14, 2013

Berlin, Germany June 18th 2013 #BecauseWeCan

 Berlin, 29 Celsius (feels like 40C)!

It was one gorgeous day in Berlin, but hot. So very hot! And even though we weren’t the first ones in line, it was, by far one of the longest, most dreadful wait for a show this tour. I guess we had used all our luck on the streets of Berlin on the previous day sigh… between the heat, people around us trying to sneak in, and all the smoking… you can help but wish you were in an arena with your choice of seat! Sigh…
But then the show starts, and we do tend to forget how we got there in the first place! And it was a very good one! Three hours of good old Rock and Roll and the venue itself was very cool and intimate, here’s Raise your Hands! Touch the Sky!

I love that “Whole lot of Leaving’” is back on the setlist! There was an episode with the “smoke machine”  right after “It’s My Life” and all of the sudden the whole stage got covered with white smoke! (pretty much like us in the audience and all the smoking going on – who goes to a show to smoke? Honestly…) then Jon gets out of the way giving everyone the famous stinky eye and leaving a “what the *blimp*” to some of the roadies “A sudden fog is blowing in, and someone is getting fired for it!” 

After this the show went on pretty smooth, “Amen” and “Bed of Roses” was really a change of pace, since Jon is not really playing so many of the new songs and Yes we all know “Amen” is not “Hallelujah” but we take what we can get! I love how he acts out and feels every word of the song Lordy…Lordy… Amen!

“A little bit of jukebox music, just a little bit, watch me now, watch me now… “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “Pretty Woman” always fun! Jukebox Music!
Sleep When I’m Dead is one of my favorite live, I don’t give it so much of a thought till it starts, the “Oooone! Twooooo! One, Two Three Four!, SO FUN! Jon is now doing a “warm-up” with the audience, pretty funny actually to be part of it! He gets everyone with their hands up in the air clapping, then he changes the clap for a fast beat-short one to the side and before he switches it back he goes “Now go wiiiiiide” ha ha ha I liiiiiike it! Best lead singer out there I tell ya :)

“In These Arms” had the second chorus sang by David, some people in the audience had a big sign saying “Hey Dave Rock Those Curls” haha! Jon saw it, pointed and everyone was laughing!
Click On: In These Arms
Last but not least there was the one and only “Never Say Goodbye” followed by something I had never seen Jon doing, taking a poll with the fans to see what song to play next, Jon said he was giving us three options and the one with the most reaction would be played, so he went “I’ll be there for you” (a lot of screams) “I love this town” (cri cri cri almost no screams) and “Always” (the whole place went down with screaming) so he looks at Tico and says “So it is! The people have spoken!” and the song starts!  Awesome, just… awesome! Jon's Encore Audience Poll!

 Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Raise your Hands / Born to be my Baby / Lost Highway / Whole lot of Leavin' / It's My Life / Because We Can / What About Now / Runaway / Got it Goin' On / Keep the Faith / Amen / Bed of Roses / Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says / Sleep When I'm Dead / Jumpin' Jack Flash / Pretty Woman / Bad Medicine Encore: In These Arms / Wanted Dead or Alive / Saturday Night / Have a Nice Day / Livin' on a Prayer Encore: I'm With You / Never Say Goodbye / Always 

Cheers to my German VIP girls! 
Thanks for coming to see me (and Bon Jovi hee hee) in Berlin! Muah!

July 9, 2013

Berlin Straße!

Berlin, GERMANY June 17th 2013 

Hallo Hallo Berlin Germany! Before we get to the show how about a day off in the city? You never know who you can bump into, in this case LITERALLY bump into….!
“Be careful what you wish for”, they say! Let me paint a picture of how it all happened, we (Barbel, Sabine, Cassia and I) had spent the whole day sightseeing in Berlin, then we decided to make one more stop before dinner, we got to this posh neighborhood with streets full of patio restaurants, stores and fancy hotels.
So we all start talking, kidding around “I think the band is around here, I can feel it”, “Can you imagine if we see them?” “Barbel, if I see Jon I will get you a picture with him!” we all laugh and keep walking, then about five minutes later BAM! The whole band comes towards us at the same sidewalk, Are you serious? COME ON! Yes, my same reaction!
So I see them and say to the girls “OMG Jon!” It was all so fast that no one was really realizing what was happening, Jon saw us and tried to get to “la la land”(he looked up and bit his lip as thinking Oh dear!) but there was no escape! Ha! After a little dodging here and there I walked to Jon’s direction, he saw me and slowed down a bit, as I asked for a picture. He smiled, looked me up and down and said, “Ahhh Alright!” smiling.
I gave Matt my camera that was already hanging around my neck from sightseeing all day and instead of grabbing his arm I found myself with my hand up and down his back! Hahah I turn into this out-of-control person near him. Meanwhile Barbel, Cassia and Sabine were staring at Jon and I, no one was moving, it was almost like those cartoons characters with their jaw dropped and little hearts popping out of them!

So Matt goes “It’s gonna be one shot so you guys get in the picture!” I was just so preoccupied enjoying myself with my hand on Jon's back and the fact he was standing right there next to me, I even leaned my head on his shoulder! (he should probably turn to me and say girl, get a grip on yourself! except he didn't pheeeew!) then Jon turns to me and whispers “Call your friends!” so both of us started to call everyone when all of the sudden he went “Come on! I even took a shower” waving to Sabine to come to the picture! Now you tell me what was better (or worst), the fact Jon made a shower joke or that I turned to him and said “Ooooh you did?” (teenager-in-love-voice). For the record he did smell like soap! We didn't have anything for Jon to sign, as we weren't expecting this to happen in the first place, but it was for sure, one of the best streets we walked in Europe!

Barbel baby, I am SO happy you came to meet me in Berlin! - now more than ever I am sure you are glad you did -You are still  the best part of the trip for me, Love ya!

On another note, we had been going to back to back shows before this happened and it was so fun to see how they actually see us from stage and remember the faces of the fans! Phill X had seen us only three times, and he turned to Cassia and said “Heeeey I know you guys!” Imagine then..., just imagine!

Danke Berlin, Danke! \o/

July 6, 2013

Slane Castle, Ireland June 15th 2013 "It's Magic!" #BecauseWeCan

"Slane castle on a beautiful Saturday Night! The show I’ve been waiting for all year,
 I like what I see, I am taking it all in!"

And then there was Slane! The most expected show of all times, the show that made us get to Europe in the first place! In the land of Jovi magic… Ireland!
Magic aside, the show was in the middle of the Irish countryside in a one (or two) street town but hey, there’s this castle, I hear magic happens when a band plays there, yes… IT FREAKING DOES! After flying into Dublin, renting a car to drive on the opposite side – making sure to watch for sheep and tractors in a very, very narrow and twirl-y road, oh and did I mention there was a thunderstorm? – Oh yes! Thank goodness for friends with driving skills and the best prepared roadies in business! Shout out to Stefania and Gio! We would have never made without you! And we did, we made it! My first one-digit fan-club line up! Heck yeah!

The previous night thunderstorm took away most of the clouds and the sun was shining on show day! To this day this is the show with the best atmosphere I have ever experienced. The sunset over the clouds was amazing, the sight of a castle was pretty surreal, the 70 thousand people all singing gave me goose bumps, there were flags from all over the place being raised, balloons, confetti, requests and signs of support for the band, Jon was very, very emotional in this particular show. He kept looking around, smiling, and bringing his hand to his heart, at his own words “taking it all in” there was this breeze in the air and you could truly feel the magic, I wish every Bon Jovi fan I know and love could be there at that very moment. One of the best shows I have even been!

All the songs seemed to be their best that night, “Raise your Hands” was epic! Then came the one and only  “Runaway”  and I decided to show Jon one of my signs asking for his guitar pick, I’d post a picture of it here but I rather he’d be the only one to read it! And he did, he read it, smiled, and threw the pick to me right after the solo. Not only is his pick but also the pick he played Runaway at Slane castle. I can’t really describe the “over-the-moon” state I got into after kissing the pick, saying thank you and keeping it safe! My very first Jon’s guitar pick from his hand! Thank you Jonny!

“Because we Can” was also one of the high moments of the show, right when the song was over Jon said, “I’ll keep that memory right here forever, this castle that song, this audience, all doing this, thank you! I’ll never forget it” and then he went on to do the chorus again, only with his guitar and the audience singing, I love it! A bit of what this audience was:

Wanted Dead or Alive Audience

Jon introducing the band "From the bottom of my heart, I only wish I was Irish!" Livin' on a Prayer

“Dry County” and “Blood on Blood” were hard to watch songs without Richie, but by this night already on show #3, my feelings went from sad to actually mad he wasn't there. Ya know how it goes…

"Time for some Requests!"
Now, before I close this post, of course, I had a song request. My very favorite Bon Jovi song that seems to be my lucky charm (this time Irish luck) every time it’s played… there I was holding my “These Days” request (apparently I was also smiling) when Jon comes, and points at me, then he walks and whistles to the camera guy “Now time for requests, hey man! You see that girl right there? That one! The one smiling?” he kept looking at me to make sure the video man got it right! … and the rest is history!
These Days Request!: See that girl right there?

The request was granted and the video man did what he was told to do and we were up on the big screen throughout the song, which is fun to watch and see our freaking happy dancing! By the end of the song I get a “here we go babe, that’s for you “pointing! Oh my Heavens, all this touring makes me realize how strong my heart is, beyond my wildest dreams. Best Europe night ever, ever, ever!

Click On: Us on the big screen! (1:03 / 2:23 / 4:30)

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Born to be my Baby / Raise your Hands / Runaway / Lost Highway / It’s My Life / Because we Can / What About Now / Got it goin’ on / Keep the Faith / When we were Beautiful / I’ll be There for you / Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says you can’t go Home / Sleep when I’m Dead / Rocking’ all over the World / Start Me up / Bad Medicine  Encore: Dry County / Wanted Dead or Alive / In These Arms / Saturday Night / Have a Nice Day / These Days / Blood on Blood / Livin’ on a Prayer / These Days / Always

We made it!

July 5, 2013

Cardiff, Wales June 12th 2013 #BecauseWeCan

After a train ride from London to Cardiff, all we wanted to do was rest. We did walk around the city for a bit and had some good food but somehow the intense sightseeing in London and the gig coming about made us want only our hotel bed!
And we woke up to a rainy day with sunny breaks, and one of the shows with most surprises, including a beautiful, beautiful FIRST ROW (that I thought wouldn't come this tour) but eh, was I ever wrong? In the pit really anywhere you are is great, but we all know the closer we get the closer we want to get!
The show had a pretty nice set, being that it was cold and rainy and Jon was wearing some kind of a scarf protection on his neck as were everyone else at the show! You never know what you’ll get with Summer time in England! 

I have always loved to see this band cover songs, and when it's songs that I LOVE than it's even better! Because we all know, it's only Rock and Roll but... I like it, like it, yes I do! *you can just tell by my reaction   ha!* Only Rock'n'Roll!

The encore was what took my breath away – as usual – it’s hard to know nowadays which show to be at and which ones to miss out. In this case for instance, right at the encore Jon got very much Bruce Springsteen-y and started to read every request there were. And it started with “I’m with you” which is always a treat to have as they haven’t been playing much of the new album anymore, even though you could see many requests of the new song – including mine – they just won’t play. Maybe they’re saving something to North America? Or maybe it’s the Richie thing? Who knows? I know I wanted to hear “Pictures of you” but I ain’t done yet!

Anyway, “Superman Tonight” should be a set song every night! Superman Tonight

And right after “Wanted Dead or Alive” the most beautiful  -that I never thought I’d hear again -“Never Say Goodbye” acoustic right there, followed by “Blaze of Glory” and “Prayer” with an acoustic intro - which I absolutely loved, the most freaking powerful song that is a killer with whatever beginning, to have only Jon and his guitar starting it, the world stops spinning for a bit there - most requests from the fans! Right then and there, it was magic, pure magic of Rock’n’Roll and you forget every step you took to be there at the moment! Glad I was!

Click On: Blaze of Glory and Prayer Acoustic

Click On: Never Say Goodbye Acoustic

Sorry most of them are not my videos, when I am this close to the band I rather see them with my own eyes :) very thankful though for all those who captured it!

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Born to be my Baby / Raise your Hands / Lost Highway / It’s my Life / Because we can / What About Now / We got it going on / Keep the Faith / Let me Entertain you / Make a Memory / I’ll be There for You / Captain Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says you can’t go Home / Sleep when I’m Dead / Bad Medicine Encore: I’m With You / Superman Tonight / Wanted Dead or Alive / Encore: Have a Nice Day / Never Say Goodbye / Blaze of Glory / Livin’ on a Prayer