October 11, 2013

Vancouver Love, Oh the Love!

Vancouver, October 3rd 2013!!
Vancouver is, without a doubt, the city where I (and my cheap-wine-partners-in-crime) had THE MOST amazing moments (surreal moments if I may say so) with this band. Most of them will be left unsaid, but this one I have to share! Because the streets of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia have never, ever been so stunning!

It was actually my birthday, and Cassia and I were driving around the city - funny thing is, when something like this is about to happen it's almost like the universe sends all these signs to prepare you for it, like you change radio stations and a Bon Jovi songs blasts off, I swear there's just something in the air! - anyway, so we were in the car when I suddenly looked out of the car window and saw Jon. Now I have no freaking clue how we managed to find a spot to park the car or even where it got parked - all I remember saying was "there! there! stop the car!" ha ha and on yet another blur of a moment I walked to Jon's direction (so calm I can't even believe) and said "Hi Joooon" and he looked at me and said "Hey, how you doing?" - Well who knows how I was doing, really! - I then asked for a picture in the most subtle way ever (no grabbing arms or anything - maybe I am growing up lol) "Can I please ask you for a picture" and he smiled so so (SO) gorgeous and said "Yes, sure!" and TA-DA! Here we are, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon with the man himself and a freakin' smile on his face!

Short after that we walked away to actually park the car properly and get a coffee (which was what we planned on doing in the first place) just to walk by our coffee shop and see everyone inside it, again! ha ha ha I wish I was kidding...Now come on! We thought it'd be best to just move along, and as we were walking out to the next coffee shop we bumped into Hugh, Bob and Rich Scanella (the drummer filling in for Tico in Vancouver) Either Vancouver was a village that day or we happened to be exactly where we were supposed to be at that moment in time! Personally, I choose to believe the second one! 

Now that's what I call a BIRTHDAY present!! Wink, Wink!


  1. I really loooovvvvveeee your stories.
    I wish you will have a lot of this moments
    in your life.

  2. I have been waiting to hear your amazing story of how you met Jon AGAIN...
    Totally awesome that it happened on your birthday!
    Love all your you tube videos and these great stories....

  3. Amazing things happen to those who believe.... And miracles like running into them DO happen :D