May 1, 2013

"In Support of Richie Sambora"

Click On: Jon Bon Jovi with Richie's Doll

Well it’s official; my next shows will be without Richie Sambora. (Unless in a month or so anything changes)
I keep going back and forth on how I feel about all this, it is not the first time Richie walks out in the middle of the tour, and as Jon says “the show must go on”. I have been blessed so far to have seen the band as a whole in all my shows – except one at the O2 arena when David was in NYC receiving an award.
It’s hard to imagine how it’s all going to go down, I guess Phil X has loads of homework to do for the next week or so since European shows always bring audible after audible, but set list aside, it will be tough to look to the left of Jon and not see the King of Swing. Sad, actually.
One thing is for sure, I am damn tired of all this drama. I do not think it is fair that Richie gets to walk out in the middle of the tour without reasonable explanation. Don’t we fans deserve at least that?  And despite of hearing everyone’s own brilliant idea of what the reason is, to me this is all too strange. The least decent thing to do was to step out of whatever is happening and say something. (youtube, tweeter, facebook, whatever works) We are all waiting patiently.
And Bon Jovi offers the option of ticket refund for those who give up and don’t want to see the shows with a broken band on stage, and I say… No, I am not getting a refund, as long as the last man standing is singing in front of me; I will be there, proudly. Even though I know in my heart it will not be the same...

Yes, the show must go on, but my heart goes to a “band of brothers” 
that once was and I hope it will again be. #comebackSambora