July 11, 2012

Festival d'été de Québec!
Quebec City, Canada, July 9th 2012 

"Good evening Quebec City on a beautiful Monday night!" 
"I got me a ship, and it only got 80.000 seats in it! Anybody want to take a ride?" 

Oh Quebec City! Who knew right beside your walls I’d see such an amazing Bon Jovi show eh?

And it was, amazing! But first things first, we arrived at the Plains of Abraham in the morning, the summer on the East coast is really kicking in and the hours were loooong… there was already some people waiting when we arrived and in the beginning it was alright to wait up laying on the grass under a shady tree. But of course, throughout the day, lots more people started to arrive and the “line up” was far from organized. Everyone would just move around and sit wherever they please even if it was right in front of someone who was there long before.

I guess that was just a hint of what was to come, in the afternoon all hell broke loose and everyone was squeezed together under a burning sun, some people were already standing, being that we still had to wait for about 6 hours longer.It kind made us re-think all our plans for next tour, the arena shows made me forget all this trouble of waiting and waiting… long story short, they opened the gates at 6pm and it was completely chaos, people were running other people over, running for their lives, leaving all their things behind, pushing, screaming… I have NEVER seen something so badly organized in my entire life. We ended up getting a front row to the side, not as close as we wanted, but we had to choose between chaos or watching the show.

Little bit of the entrance chaosFestival d'été de Québec

Anyway, after freaking twelve hours of waiting the band hit the stage! And then you forget all about it… the show opened with Raise your Hands and the whole 90.000 people went nuts!  They show went on with the greatest hits, which is expected for a festival, but the energy on stage was amazing. The band, especially Jon was on fire! Adding lyrics to every song, getting everyone on their feet, even more so than usual.

One of the best Keep the Faith I have ever seen and the additional lyrics on I’ll be there for you…. it felt just like old times. Before the song started Jon called Richie saying it was almost his birthday “Richie is 21 again and single, I am selling him to the highest bidder on Ebay or the cutest girl in Quebec, whatever comes first” … cute!

On Wanted Dead or Alive, Jon sang Happy Birthday to Richie and invited him to the mic to sing part of the song saying “the birthday king…” it was priceless, really was. It’s so good to see how the chemistry of the band is so good and they all seemed so very happy to be playing together again.

The show went on with an amazing Saturday Night and Bad Medicine with Jon going down to the audience, singing Old Time Rock’n’Roll and closing with Shout! I love how much energy he had on the show…”I am having fun, it’s allowed” “Don’t get tired on me now” classic Jon Bon Jovi at his finest….

Click On: Saturday Night

Click On: Runaway
The show ended after 2 hours and 15 minutes of good old rock and roll, screaming fans begging for more, an iconic guitar solo before Livin’ on a Prayer with Jon saying “The album is done… I would play a new song to you, but instead this classic one would have to do it” And it did it… just FINE!

Thank goodness this album is ready, because my dancing shoes are already packed!
Bring it on 2013!

Setlist: Raise Your Hands / You Give Love a Bad Name / Born to Be My Baby / We Weren't Born to Follow / Lost Highway / It's My Life / Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars / Runaway / I'll Be There For You / Wanted Dead or Alive / Happy Birthday to You / Keep the Faith / We Got It Goin' On / Have a Nice Day / Saturday Night / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Bad Medicine / Old Time Rock 'n' Roll / Shout!  / In These Arms / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Livin' on a Prayer / I Love This Town