May 30, 2010

Stuttgart, Last Stop in Germany!

Stuttgart, Germany May 29th 2008

Oh Stuttgart! We took a road trip from Munich, but of course, easy was a word NOT used for to get to the stadium… Some of us were arriving from Hamburg, where we saw the previous show, some were already in Munich and we had a meeting point. Sure enough, when five people are meeting at a certain place at a certain time something has to happen, like, gettin’ lost at the airport, not being able to find each other at the gate, cell phones not connecting, trains departures and you get the picture!

By the time we were all together in the car, we found out there was a construction on the road (I wish I was kidding) so we were not only late but we’d be so much more because of the traffic (story of my life). The thing was, we needed to pick up our tickets at the backstage table that would close any minute and we’d end up with no tickets and outside of the stadium! So, trying to keep our hopes up and with our super driver Mel ;) and Oli (the only one in the car not crazy about Bon Jovi) to calm us down!

Long story short, we got there ten minutes before the table closed, and in between parking, finding the right entrance and getting lost a couple times, we got there to find the tickets and all the backstage members already in! So off we went, to a not so good start of a show that’d turn out to be one of the best setlists ever played! Phew!

Now…I don’t know how to describe what it feels to have “Drift Away” played live to you by your most favorite band followed by Livin’on a Prayer, Livin’in Sin and Wild is he Wind. If you are a fan and have a heart beating on your chest… that was the place to be! I believe I went to Heaven and back on the "Gimme the beat boys and free my soul! I wanna get lost in your Rock and Roll and Drift Away!" If you are a fan, you have this on your Ipod from a bootleg show in the 80's! I know I do! This has been, no doubt about it, one of the best shows I’ve ever been, among the hush and the crowded golden circle, it kept on my feet the whole show and it was the perfect ending to the great country of Germany!

Click On: Drift Away Bay Bay!
BTW you can totally hear us on the video! I am sure Cassia will recognize it! lol "Ai meu Deeeeeeus"
Now this is what I call AN AWESOME setlist!

Setlist: Lost Highway / Born to be my baby / Bad Name / Raise your Hands / Runaway / Rocking all over the World/ Sleep when I'm Dead / Mercy / Start me up / Last Night / Whole lot of leavin' / In These Arms / Make a Memory / Captain Crash / We've got it goin'on / It's my Life / Keep the Faith / I'll be there for you (RS Vocals) / Bounce / Have a Nice Day / Who said you can't go home / Bad medicine / Shout / Drift away / Living on a Prayer
Encore: Living in Sin / Wild is the Wind / Wanted Dead or Alive / Any Other Day

Olli and I on our Road Trip!
"Told ya you were going to like the show!"

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