May 14, 2010

Leipzig (Where?), Germany!

Leipzig, Germany May 25th 2008
You know those places in the world that not only you never knew it existed, but you’d most probably never set foot in your life? Well, welcome to Leipzig, Germany! Right after Munich, we took off for our second Germany round! We got to the airport around eleven in the morning and ran to get the train straight to the stadium, I remember I complained about the waiting under the sun, and the brutal line ups and this and that, but I am sure gonna miss it for this tour!

When we got to the stadium we were a bit late already, there were many people in line and we still had to get our tickets, oh well, first line up here we go! As we stood waiting for our time I spotted Matt, who was giving away wristbands to some of the fan club people in line, he was doing that every show, just picking random people and taking them to the stage for couple songs, it was all very quiet tough, you couldn’t really tell, but I saw him doing that in Munich so I decided to try something…

I had my backstage member card with me and went to ask him for an autograph as he was giving away wristbands, I didn’t ask for wristbands, but as he was signing my card, he look at me and said “Here we go” and that’s how my friends, I got to go on stage that night! Thanks Matt!

We went in and got pretty good place, I think we were about third row center, the stadium was full and there was no space anywhere, everyone stood up even before the show started and apparently in Leipzig, you can smoke in crowded places where there’s no air to breathe! URGH…the leading up to the show was truly horrible!... By the time the show started we were all exhausted from breathing smoke and standing under the heat!

The setlist was far to be one of the best ones, Munich one kicked this one ass by a distance… but for me it was worth to experience Livin’on a Prayer on stage and the These Days live one more time in my life…! I’ll never forget that look and smile which you can see clicking down here!

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Setlist: Lost Highway / Born To Be My Baby / Wild In the Streets / Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars / You Give Love A Bad Name / Summertime / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / (You Want To) Make A Memory / Whole Lot of Leavin' / These Days / We Got It Goin' On / It's My Life / Keep the Faith / I'll Be There For You (Richie on vocals) / Last Man Standing / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Have A Nice Day / Bad Medicine / Livin' On A Prayer

Encore: I'd Die For You / Wanted Dead Or Alive

Just because he got me on Stage \o/

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