August 2, 2010

Toronto Round Number Two! DAMN what a SHOW!

Toronto, Ontario CANADA July 21th 2010

"This band should be called Rice Crips, you know why? Because there ain't nothing but snap, crackle and pop!"

It’s taking me too long to write about the second show in Toronto because it was the best one I had for a while! First of all, because I had so many friends with me… Ellie (so nice to finally meet you, after Youtubing for almost five years!) Mel, Cassia, Le(finally got to be together for a show, even if just a couple songs), Sachinha and Bryan, everyone in the circle, gotta love having a great time with your friends around!

But again, when your day starts with your picture being autographed… nothing can go wrong…

Second because, it was one of those surreal nights where everything just go your way, front row center, with THE MAN right in front of me…it’s everything I could ask for and more! When you have “Happy Now” opening the show, you already know it’s going to be a heck of a night! From Jon waving at us, pointing at me at “You’ve got a ticket to kick it…” enough to make me drop my brand new camera! From a smile to our Brazilian flag and a very special Canada Flag that I am saving for when they play in MY CITY! : )

The atmosphere of the show was amazing, everyone was way more into it than the first night, and when I heard the first notes of Damned I could just DIE right there… amazing...AMAZING! “If lovin’ you is wrong…I definitely don’t want to be right” My very first time with this song live, this tour is kicking ASS! Gotta say…

To all of the sudden, a cover song, performed by Bon Jovi for the very first time…EVER! History in the making…in front of our eyes again…”Turn the Page” and Jon put so much feeling into it, nothing short than amazing! Then I’ll be there for you part acoustic, part electric…only Jon, his guitar and the crowd going “Ooohhh Ohhhh Ooohhh” and if that’s not enough, here comes “Saturday Night” electric! And Jon going “I am confusing everybody” Just too much love….
A very powerful “Hallelujah” that has easily become one of my favorite cover songs, the emotion is so obvious… you can feel every note, and something started to happen to me in the beginning of Livin’on a Prayer, that I heard live so many times, but still has this inexplicable power of touching me SO MUCH!

Maybe because the lyrics have everything to do with my life right now, or because it was my last show for a while…but I sang so much like I meant it that I started to cry… and then the most amazing moment of this tour happened, right after the song was over, the band was saying their goodbyes and I was holding the Canada Flag and Jon looked at me and I said “I LOVE YOU” and he, with the most amazing smiled said “Well, thank you” followed with a blink.

Click On: Damned!

Click On: Turn the Page

Is there life after that? I am still trying to pick up the pieces…

Setlist: Happy Now / We Weren't Born to Follow / You Give Love a Bad Name / Born to Be My Baby / Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars / In These Arms / Lost HighwayWhen We Were Beautiful / It's My Life / We Got It Goin' On / Damned / Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison cover] / Shout! [Isley Brothers cover] / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / Turn the Page [Bob Seger cover] / (You Want to) Make a Memory / I'll Be There For You / Runaway / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Keep the Faith

Encore: Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen cover] / Wanted Dead or Alive / I Love This Town / Livin' on a Prayer
So that’s a wrap! First leg of the tour was a SUCCESS! Vancouver is waiting for Bon Jovi and we’ll see where the road will take me next!

Stay Tuned and Thanks for Following!