August 5, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic June 24th 2013 #BecauseWeCan

You know you're gonna live through  the rain!

Well, when you go following a band on tour… you either hit all the shows and forget about getting to know a city the band is playing in or (in my case) you pick some shows and also enjoy the sightseeing, restaurants and all new places and people. But have in mind, set lists change from one night to the other and you might wake up to a show you missed where the band played a song you have always, always wanted to hear sigh… so what’s left after having a fit to your friend that is traveling with you? Well… requests, good –old-amazing requests! Click on: The whole Prague show!

It was a rainy, rainy (did I mention rain?) day in Prague. We headed to the stadium (for some last minute upgrade surprises!) as late as we could to avoid the waiting in the pouring rain, I guess once you’re soaked the rain can keep falling, right? This was one of the best shows of this tour tough; it was almost like the band was rewarding the fans for waiting in the rain!
A kick ass set list with all the “rain” references you can imagine! There I was with about thirty signs to “This ain't a Love Song” waiting for the right moment to give them out to the people around me, of course it was still raining throughout the night and the signs would get wet and ripped so it really needed to be just right! I had one of the signs in a plastic cover tough and I kept raising it during the show, especially the first encore… so then comes the “requests” part of the show and Jon comes, reads the sign, points and wiggles his head… that was truly enough for me to start crying, “Love’s the only Rule” followed the Jon’s stare and point and I was standing there in awe singing from the top of my lungs!

Click on Keep the Faith: Beanie cute alert!

The encore goes on and on and as much as “These Days” takes the show to a whole other level, I was on a

mission haha…! By the time “Livin’on a Prayer” ended, the band was leaving the stage and I just thought it was the perfect time to give away the signs, so I did. The song was over, the band was bowing and I was still hoping and holding that sign up!
So then Jon points again and smiles, then he calls Tico, shows him my sign and point about two more times! And then, right there, on that rainy Prague night, I heard for the first time one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs, I still cannot believe it happened! I even got another point before the song started with the most gorgeous smile, HOLLY ROCK AND ROLL magic! With the die-hard-fan ending to the song, back from 95’ where Jon walks out from the stage going “Ohhhhh ohhhh Ohhhh…” 

I do not think this song could have been most special! Sigh…Thank YOU Johnny!!!!
Ladies and gentleman, This ain't a love song!

Thanks Cassie as well for the little push! :)

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Raise your Hands / Lost Highway / Radio Saved my Life Tonight / It's My Life / Because We Can / What About Now / We've Got it Going On / Keep The Faith / Make a Memory / In These Arms / Captain Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says you can't go Home / I'll Sleep when I'm Dead  / Bad Medicine / Shout  Encore: Love's the Only Rule / Wanted Dead or Alive / I'm With You / These Days / Livin' on a Prayer Encore: This Ain't a Love Song
Oh and before I close this post, here's a snapshot of a super cool encounter in the streets of Prague!
Phil X who is "helping us out and getting us through" this tour! One of the nicest guys out there!