July 9, 2013

Berlin Straße!

Berlin, GERMANY June 17th 2013 

Hallo Hallo Berlin Germany! Before we get to the show how about a day off in the city? You never know who you can bump into, in this case LITERALLY bump into….!
“Be careful what you wish for”, they say! Let me paint a picture of how it all happened, we (Barbel, Sabine, Cassia and I) had spent the whole day sightseeing in Berlin, then we decided to make one more stop before dinner, we got to this posh neighborhood with streets full of patio restaurants, stores and fancy hotels.
So we all start talking, kidding around “I think the band is around here, I can feel it”, “Can you imagine if we see them?” “Barbel, if I see Jon I will get you a picture with him!” we all laugh and keep walking, then about five minutes later BAM! The whole band comes towards us at the same sidewalk, Are you serious? COME ON! Yes, my same reaction!
So I see them and say to the girls “OMG Jon!” It was all so fast that no one was really realizing what was happening, Jon saw us and tried to get to “la la land”(he looked up and bit his lip as thinking Oh dear!) but there was no escape! Ha! After a little dodging here and there I walked to Jon’s direction, he saw me and slowed down a bit, as I asked for a picture. He smiled, looked me up and down and said, “Ahhh Alright!” smiling.
I gave Matt my camera that was already hanging around my neck from sightseeing all day and instead of grabbing his arm I found myself with my hand up and down his back! Hahah I turn into this out-of-control person near him. Meanwhile Barbel, Cassia and Sabine were staring at Jon and I, no one was moving, it was almost like those cartoons characters with their jaw dropped and little hearts popping out of them!

So Matt goes “It’s gonna be one shot so you guys get in the picture!” I was just so preoccupied enjoying myself with my hand on Jon's back and the fact he was standing right there next to me, I even leaned my head on his shoulder! (he should probably turn to me and say girl, get a grip on yourself! except he didn't pheeeew!) then Jon turns to me and whispers “Call your friends!” so both of us started to call everyone when all of the sudden he went “Come on! I even took a shower” waving to Sabine to come to the picture! Now you tell me what was better (or worst), the fact Jon made a shower joke or that I turned to him and said “Ooooh you did?” (teenager-in-love-voice). For the record he did smell like soap! We didn't have anything for Jon to sign, as we weren't expecting this to happen in the first place, but it was for sure, one of the best streets we walked in Europe!

Barbel baby, I am SO happy you came to meet me in Berlin! - now more than ever I am sure you are glad you did -You are still  the best part of the trip for me, Love ya!

On another note, we had been going to back to back shows before this happened and it was so fun to see how they actually see us from stage and remember the faces of the fans! Phill X had seen us only three times, and he turned to Cassia and said “Heeeey I know you guys!” Imagine then..., just imagine!

Danke Berlin, Danke! \o/


  1. The most unexpected thing just happened in front of our eyes!!!!!!!
    We will remember that Summer afternoon in Berlin forever :) It was awesome!!!!!!!Thanks for this great review!

    A happy day for all of us! :)


  2. Thank you soooo much for the time with you ladies.
    It was great to meet you, Jon, Phil X and the other guys of the band in Berlin. I have tears in my eyes, when I read the story.

  3. Great story! :) I had a similar experience in Prague. Me and my friends were having dinner in a restaurant and Jon just walked in and sat to the table next to us. I just couldn't believe my eyes! He greeted us with a smile and a hi when he got there, we just greeted him back and continued to have our dinner (yeah, we were playing it cool, lol!). After like 3 hours I went up to him to ask if we could have a quick photo, and he replied with a big smile that "of course you can!". He sounded like he had been waiting for us to come over to his table. He then stood up and grabbed me by my arm and said to me that "awww I remember you". I though I was going to die of happiness. That evening was just perfect in every way. And so unbelievable. I never thought I would get this lucky!

    And by the way, he smelled like alcohol. When Matt was taking our photo, I was leaning my head on Jon's chest and had my arm around him, and I remember thinking that mmmmm alcohol :)

    1. That is so nice! Such a great story and oh my I'd LOVE to meet Jon when he smells of alcohol! By the way I have seen you around a couple times. We have been to some of the same shows :) Nice meeting you!

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  5. Berlin Berlin you've been soooo good to us!!!! This was one of my BEST days off everrrrr!!! I can still hear you say OMG it's JON and then it's like a dream. It really happened all of a sudden oh myyyy you just can't put the man himself in front of me without any preparation ;D Thank you for putting our priceless moment down in words in such a great way!!!! We will still be talking about our little Jon story when we're gray and old :)

    Julie honey I was already glad I came to Berlin the second I hugged you!! I treasure our time together so much and our encounter with Jon was the cherry on the cake. Thank you for everything, love u!!!


    1. Awww! Love you too honey! Thanks for coming, it had been WAY too long without your love! Muah!