July 3, 2013

Manchester, UK June 8th 2013 #BecauseWeCan

"It's gonna be one of those nights, I just know it!"

Click On: Sofia, the coolest stage ever!

So this is it. After seven months of planning our time has come! Because visiting London is just a must, we have scheduled some shows in between sightseeing, shopping and good food. I am glad I have learned how to travel nowadays. It ain’t just about the show, except on SHOW DAYS!
Manchester is known to be home of some great gigs and this was no exception, already on the first night, we would get hit with, to me, one of the top shows of the few yet to come our way…. Gotta tell you though, it had been a long time (way too long) without an “open air” show and you tend to space out about all the, line-ups, packing food, waiting rain or shine kind of days, did I mention waiting?

Technicalities a part, there’s nothing like Open Air shows!, and I have a soft spot for the European ground, I am a junkie for amazing set lists - three hour shows - confetti throwing - breathing the Summer air atmosphere those shows bring!

Then BRING IT ON! This was the first time I saw an opening with “Water made me” giving that this is my ultimately favorite song on the new album, I loooove it! Way better opening song than Bad Name if I may say so… “Raise your Hands” can never ever get old, and I guess it’s a regular one on stadium shows; you can’t beat the energy, especially when it’s followed by “I’d die for you”!
The show went on with a solid setlist, and some of my favorite covers. It was pretty cute seeing Jon not only covering Robbie but also having SO much fun with it! Drool….

Click On: Roadhouse Blues

And oh the fun, the FUN of “Rocking all over the world” I am pretty sure last time I got that one live was also in British grounds, back in the good old Milton Keynes! Not to mention “Garageland” to leave any diehard fan screaming and all the other ones out for beer break! "Nothing ever felt so right, it was us, those guitars and a Saturday Night" sigh... too much love!

I like it! I like it! I like it here we goooo.... Rockin' all Over the World!

Click On: Garageland

“In These Arms”, “Saturday Night” and the one and only “These Days” were also part of the set, and I tell ya, when your row of shows starts with These Days, nothing can go wrong! That was just the very beginning of all the new “requests” part of the show! My new favorite… God knows I carry my requests every single show, and that night – among other nights – the magic worked!

"Wanted Dead or Alive”

“I’ve seen a million faces (yes I have) and I’ve rocked them all” …  I don’t think I can put down to words how difficult it is for a fan of Bon Jovi to see Jon playing Wanted without Richie. It is just wrong. It is awkward.  Weird. Not to mention it is sad, so very much, sad.  It is also the time Jon thanks everyone for their kindness, support, friendship and (his new word) patience with the ups, downs and ups again. Not to have Richie standing next to Jon, singing his parts to the song so powerful and holding that guitar up next to him in the end of the song, it broke my heart, to pieces. I felt sad for every single fan of the band in there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Jon, Richie, Tico, Dave or even Alec fan, there is NO ONE that has ever been a fan of this band that will stand and look at the sight of Jon holding that guitar alone and not feel broken. For them, their friendship and whatever it is that happened. Bottom line is, Richie isn’t there. And the look at Jon’s face when this song ends says it all... it is also the song where Jon asks everyone in the audience to "light up" their phones, make a video of the moment, so you look around you and the whole stadium is sparkling with lights, the most beautiful moment of the show and for some also the hardest one. 

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Born to be my baby / Raise your Hands / I’d die for you / Lost Highway / It’s my Life / Because we Can / What About Now / We Got it Going on / Keep the Faith / Let me Entertain You / Make a Memory / I’ll be there for you / Captain Crash / Born to Follow / Who says you can’t go home / I’ll Sleep when I’m Dead / Roadhouse Blues / Rocking All over the World / Bad Medicine / Shout
Encore: In These Arms / Garageland / Wanted Dead or Alive / Have a Nice Day / Livin’ on a Prayer
Encore:  Saturday Night / These Days / Always


  1. WOW!!!!!!!! That concert was a great European kick off for us!!! :) Loved it!

  2. I can't agree with you more about wanted.
    it's gotta be one of the saddest thing in the entire world!!!!