July 14, 2013

Berlin, Germany June 18th 2013 #BecauseWeCan

 Berlin, 29 Celsius (feels like 40C)!

It was one gorgeous day in Berlin, but hot. So very hot! And even though we weren’t the first ones in line, it was, by far one of the longest, most dreadful wait for a show this tour. I guess we had used all our luck on the streets of Berlin on the previous day sigh… between the heat, people around us trying to sneak in, and all the smoking… you can help but wish you were in an arena with your choice of seat! Sigh…
But then the show starts, and we do tend to forget how we got there in the first place! And it was a very good one! Three hours of good old Rock and Roll and the venue itself was very cool and intimate, here’s Raise your Hands! Touch the Sky!

I love that “Whole lot of Leaving’” is back on the setlist! There was an episode with the “smoke machine”  right after “It’s My Life” and all of the sudden the whole stage got covered with white smoke! (pretty much like us in the audience and all the smoking going on – who goes to a show to smoke? Honestly…) then Jon gets out of the way giving everyone the famous stinky eye and leaving a “what the *blimp*” to some of the roadies “A sudden fog is blowing in, and someone is getting fired for it!” 

After this the show went on pretty smooth, “Amen” and “Bed of Roses” was really a change of pace, since Jon is not really playing so many of the new songs and Yes we all know “Amen” is not “Hallelujah” but we take what we can get! I love how he acts out and feels every word of the song Lordy…Lordy… Amen!

“A little bit of jukebox music, just a little bit, watch me now, watch me now… “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “Pretty Woman” always fun! Jukebox Music!
Sleep When I’m Dead is one of my favorite live, I don’t give it so much of a thought till it starts, the “Oooone! Twooooo! One, Two Three Four!, SO FUN! Jon is now doing a “warm-up” with the audience, pretty funny actually to be part of it! He gets everyone with their hands up in the air clapping, then he changes the clap for a fast beat-short one to the side and before he switches it back he goes “Now go wiiiiiide” ha ha ha I liiiiiike it! Best lead singer out there I tell ya :)

“In These Arms” had the second chorus sang by David, some people in the audience had a big sign saying “Hey Dave Rock Those Curls” haha! Jon saw it, pointed and everyone was laughing!
Click On: In These Arms
Last but not least there was the one and only “Never Say Goodbye” followed by something I had never seen Jon doing, taking a poll with the fans to see what song to play next, Jon said he was giving us three options and the one with the most reaction would be played, so he went “I’ll be there for you” (a lot of screams) “I love this town” (cri cri cri almost no screams) and “Always” (the whole place went down with screaming) so he looks at Tico and says “So it is! The people have spoken!” and the song starts!  Awesome, just… awesome! Jon's Encore Audience Poll!

 Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Raise your Hands / Born to be my Baby / Lost Highway / Whole lot of Leavin' / It's My Life / Because We Can / What About Now / Runaway / Got it Goin' On / Keep the Faith / Amen / Bed of Roses / Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says / Sleep When I'm Dead / Jumpin' Jack Flash / Pretty Woman / Bad Medicine Encore: In These Arms / Wanted Dead or Alive / Saturday Night / Have a Nice Day / Livin' on a Prayer Encore: I'm With You / Never Say Goodbye / Always 

Cheers to my German VIP girls! 
Thanks for coming to see me (and Bon Jovi hee hee) in Berlin! Muah!

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  1. Berlin earned a special spot in our hearts....The whole experience was great!!!!