July 5, 2013

Cardiff, Wales June 12th 2013 #BecauseWeCan

After a train ride from London to Cardiff, all we wanted to do was rest. We did walk around the city for a bit and had some good food but somehow the intense sightseeing in London and the gig coming about made us want only our hotel bed!
And we woke up to a rainy day with sunny breaks, and one of the shows with most surprises, including a beautiful, beautiful FIRST ROW (that I thought wouldn't come this tour) but eh, was I ever wrong? In the pit really anywhere you are is great, but we all know the closer we get the closer we want to get!
The show had a pretty nice set, being that it was cold and rainy and Jon was wearing some kind of a scarf protection on his neck as were everyone else at the show! You never know what you’ll get with Summer time in England! 

I have always loved to see this band cover songs, and when it's songs that I LOVE than it's even better! Because we all know, it's only Rock and Roll but... I like it, like it, yes I do! *you can just tell by my reaction   ha!* Only Rock'n'Roll!

The encore was what took my breath away – as usual – it’s hard to know nowadays which show to be at and which ones to miss out. In this case for instance, right at the encore Jon got very much Bruce Springsteen-y and started to read every request there were. And it started with “I’m with you” which is always a treat to have as they haven’t been playing much of the new album anymore, even though you could see many requests of the new song – including mine – they just won’t play. Maybe they’re saving something to North America? Or maybe it’s the Richie thing? Who knows? I know I wanted to hear “Pictures of you” but I ain’t done yet!

Anyway, “Superman Tonight” should be a set song every night! Superman Tonight

And right after “Wanted Dead or Alive” the most beautiful  -that I never thought I’d hear again -“Never Say Goodbye” acoustic right there, followed by “Blaze of Glory” and “Prayer” with an acoustic intro - which I absolutely loved, the most freaking powerful song that is a killer with whatever beginning, to have only Jon and his guitar starting it, the world stops spinning for a bit there - most requests from the fans! Right then and there, it was magic, pure magic of Rock’n’Roll and you forget every step you took to be there at the moment! Glad I was!

Click On: Blaze of Glory and Prayer Acoustic

Click On: Never Say Goodbye Acoustic

Sorry most of them are not my videos, when I am this close to the band I rather see them with my own eyes :) very thankful though for all those who captured it!

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Born to be my Baby / Raise your Hands / Lost Highway / It’s my Life / Because we can / What About Now / We got it going on / Keep the Faith / Let me Entertain you / Make a Memory / I’ll be There for You / Captain Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says you can’t go Home / Sleep when I’m Dead / Bad Medicine Encore: I’m With You / Superman Tonight / Wanted Dead or Alive / Encore: Have a Nice Day / Never Say Goodbye / Blaze of Glory / Livin’ on a Prayer 


  1. I loved, loved the acoustic set!!!!! Bon Jovi in Europe is "sapphire extra" LOL !!!! :)Hooooray, We were lucky enough to get our 1st front row this year plus a Bergman picture!!!! :)

    1. LOL!!!! ultra sapphire extra bonus package :)

  2. One day you girls have to teach me how to get first row!!! ;)