July 6, 2013

Slane Castle, Ireland June 15th 2013 "It's Magic!" #BecauseWeCan

"Slane castle on a beautiful Saturday Night! The show I’ve been waiting for all year,
 I like what I see, I am taking it all in!"

And then there was Slane! The most expected show of all times, the show that made us get to Europe in the first place! In the land of Jovi magic… Ireland!
Magic aside, the show was in the middle of the Irish countryside in a one (or two) street town but hey, there’s this castle, I hear magic happens when a band plays there, yes… IT FREAKING DOES! After flying into Dublin, renting a car to drive on the opposite side – making sure to watch for sheep and tractors in a very, very narrow and twirl-y road, oh and did I mention there was a thunderstorm? – Oh yes! Thank goodness for friends with driving skills and the best prepared roadies in business! Shout out to Stefania and Gio! We would have never made without you! And we did, we made it! My first one-digit fan-club line up! Heck yeah!

The previous night thunderstorm took away most of the clouds and the sun was shining on show day! To this day this is the show with the best atmosphere I have ever experienced. The sunset over the clouds was amazing, the sight of a castle was pretty surreal, the 70 thousand people all singing gave me goose bumps, there were flags from all over the place being raised, balloons, confetti, requests and signs of support for the band, Jon was very, very emotional in this particular show. He kept looking around, smiling, and bringing his hand to his heart, at his own words “taking it all in” there was this breeze in the air and you could truly feel the magic, I wish every Bon Jovi fan I know and love could be there at that very moment. One of the best shows I have even been!

All the songs seemed to be their best that night, “Raise your Hands” was epic! Then came the one and only  “Runaway”  and I decided to show Jon one of my signs asking for his guitar pick, I’d post a picture of it here but I rather he’d be the only one to read it! And he did, he read it, smiled, and threw the pick to me right after the solo. Not only is his pick but also the pick he played Runaway at Slane castle. I can’t really describe the “over-the-moon” state I got into after kissing the pick, saying thank you and keeping it safe! My very first Jon’s guitar pick from his hand! Thank you Jonny!

“Because we Can” was also one of the high moments of the show, right when the song was over Jon said, “I’ll keep that memory right here forever, this castle that song, this audience, all doing this, thank you! I’ll never forget it” and then he went on to do the chorus again, only with his guitar and the audience singing, I love it! A bit of what this audience was:

Wanted Dead or Alive Audience

Jon introducing the band "From the bottom of my heart, I only wish I was Irish!" Livin' on a Prayer

“Dry County” and “Blood on Blood” were hard to watch songs without Richie, but by this night already on show #3, my feelings went from sad to actually mad he wasn't there. Ya know how it goes…

"Time for some Requests!"
Now, before I close this post, of course, I had a song request. My very favorite Bon Jovi song that seems to be my lucky charm (this time Irish luck) every time it’s played… there I was holding my “These Days” request (apparently I was also smiling) when Jon comes, and points at me, then he walks and whistles to the camera guy “Now time for requests, hey Mr.video man! You see that girl right there? That one! The one smiling?” he kept looking at me to make sure the video man got it right! … and the rest is history!
These Days Request!: See that girl right there?

The request was granted and the video man did what he was told to do and we were up on the big screen throughout the song, which is fun to watch and see our freaking happy dancing! By the end of the song I get a “here we go babe, that’s for you “pointing! Oh my Heavens, all this touring makes me realize how strong my heart is, beyond my wildest dreams. Best Europe night ever, ever, ever!

Click On: Us on the big screen! (1:03 / 2:23 / 4:30)

Setlist: Water Made Me / Bad Name / Born to be my Baby / Raise your Hands / Runaway / Lost Highway / It’s My Life / Because we Can / What About Now / Got it goin’ on / Keep the Faith / When we were Beautiful / I’ll be There for you / Crash / Born to Follow / Who Says you can’t go Home / Sleep when I’m Dead / Rocking’ all over the World / Start Me up / Bad Medicine  Encore: Dry County / Wanted Dead or Alive / In These Arms / Saturday Night / Have a Nice Day / These Days / Blood on Blood / Livin’ on a Prayer / These Days / Always

We made it!


  1. Julie
    Thanks so much for all these awesome posts and clips on you tube...I really appreciate all you do
    Sounds like you are having a fantastic time and its great Jon is acknowledging you at the concerts!

  2. Great review!!!!! Slane was "THE PLACE" to be!!!!! I am so happy we had a chance to be part of it with our Italian friends! :) FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!

    Lots of memories...front row center and Johnny rocking the castle right inf front of us!!!!!


    1. Thank you Cassie!It would never be the same without you! <3

  3. I just loveeee your writing!!! I get goosebumps everytime I read your stories.
    I was so overwhelmed by meeting you and touching the pick I totally forgot to ask how it happened Jon gave it to you hahaha it's so great the videoman caught your happiness on the big screen. It's priceless!!!!!

  4. The last time Bon Jovi were in Michigan we had a total eclipse on the Moon. We would like to Welcome Bon Jovi! The Band will be here Thursday. God Bless us because we can. Bon Jovi is the Best Show every time! We love Bon Jovi Concerts!!
    I love your story & ours too!!!

  5. Hey there! You are just an amazing example of fan! I'm from Brazil, I live in São Paulo, went to my first concent16 days agora. IT WAS AWESOME!!! The band is not complete, but THEY ARE THE BEST.
    I have a dream to do what you are doing, and what you do... follow this band... I'm goign to make it! Loved you story!