June 30, 2010

London O2 Arena Round # Two!

London, England June 8th 2010

"Night Number 2 at the O2!!" little British humor from Jon!
After a great ice-breaking show here we go to the second and in my opinion most amazing O2 night! Jon was ON FIRE and the whole band was awesome!...

But allow me to re-cap this day if I may, we woke up to walk around the city and everything was going smoothly until we decided to go to the front of the hotel to watch the band go out and get in the van to go to their sound check (and maybe snag a picture? ) so there we were along with other fans and some EBay people (the ones that are never nervous and always get the autographs).

As I stated before I wanted a picture with Jon so there I was standing for a long 30 minutes waiting and waiting and my stomach swirling of anticipation! I was so not born to stand in front of hotels, anyway… so the band comes out and Jon stands on the other side, when I look Richie is literally walking to my direction (I don’t know about you but that doesn’t happen to me everyday) so I hug him and say “Hey Richie, can I have a picture? “ As nice as Richie always is, he goes “Sure, a quick one tough” and hugs me back…

Of course I was happy to not only have a hug but a picture taken with the best guitar player out there but it was just in time to miss Jon getting in the van, as a Jon girl, you know what it means? Meltdown in the streets of London…poor Mel and Cassia were trying to console me and afraid of saying anything at the same time to my “Why? Why didn’t I wait for Jon? I mean he was coming to my direction!” repeat mode!

Well after that it was downhill, sequences of little facts that make us laugh now but that was hilarious slash tragical when happened. We finally got to the arena with a very center good seat and managed to squeeze together ;) ( Can I just say here, I mean if people want to go to a Bon Jovi show and just “hang out” that’s totally fine by me but don’t stare at the jumping, singing happy people aka us by their side!)

So back to what matters, the show… was amazing, the energy was high and Jon was so happy and going, even much more than usual! That was the night I started to get my legs sore from jumping so much and my voice started to go bye bye… but oh MAN was it ever worth!..

The opening with Last Man Standing brought me back to the HAND Tour, with two encores and one the most amazing Bed of Roses I’ve ever seen with Jon touching hands and laying down on the floor, plus Always electric and Dry County! And may I just say I looooove Keep the Faith with Sympathy! Definitely the best night for me!

Click On: Amazing Bed of Roses

Click On: Dry County

Setlist: Last Man Standing / We Weren't Born to Follow / You Give Love a Bad Name /Just Older / Born to Be My Baby / Lost Highway / Superman Tonight / Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars / We Got It Going On / Bad Medicine / Hot Legs [Rod Stewart cover] / It's My Life / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / (You Want To) Make a Memory / Bed of Roses / Diamond Ring / Something for the Pain [acoustic] / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [acoustic] / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Runaway / Work for the Working Man / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Keep the Faith / Sympathy for the Devil [Rolling Stones cover]

Encore #1: Dry County/ Wanted Dead or Alive

Encore #2: Always / Livin' on a Prayer

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