February 22, 2011

Toronto ACC Second Night!

Toronto, Ontario CANADA February 15th 2011

Click On: Good Evening Toronto!

On Fire! Was what this band was this show… starting with Last Man Standing with Jon on the back of the arena brought back good memories and put the crowd over the edge! The sight of Jon walking among everyone high fiving and smiling was the bet thrill to start the night!

It was a good show, but nothing to beat up night number one, “I’d die for you” was one of the highlights and I love seeing Jon doing more guitar solos…although Richie solo of “Dry County” just blew everyone away, yet again!
I absolutely loved having “What Do You Got” played for the very first time before my eyes… my favorite one from the new songs! There were a lot of Lost Highway songs, thank you very much for “Whole lot of Leaving” and the band, especially Jon seemed very happy, those past shows he’s been thanking the crowd a lot for the 27 years of friendship and how he appreciates everyone’s love for the band, even more so than ever… I hope that’s not a goodbye for the so-called two years break that I doubt and hope will not happen!
Jon was talking and talking in between songs, just the way I looooove him! And when he was introducing Richie for “Lay Your Hands on Me” (which may I just suggest, for anyone out there reading this to pretty please broad the song choices for Richie because to hear Lay Your Hands 11 times is not-so-much a charm!) anyway…so Jon started to sing the song and I almost hit my head on the floor of excitement thinking I’d actually hear him sing this song… but then he left, well tease…

I believe this was the day that the crowd went insane on “It’s my Life” and by the end of the song Jon said: “Maybe I should play this song again? Now that’d be history making! Nah…not doing that” ha!

So thanks Toronto! It's always good to come back to you!
Here was our hope that the Montreal shows would be as awesome as the picture below! Hear Hear!

Setlist: Last Man Standing / You Give Love a Bad Name / Born to Be My Baby / We Weren't Born to Follow / Lost Highway / Whole Lot of Leavin' / When We Were Beautiful / It's My Life / I'd Die For You / We Got It Goin' On / Bad Medicine / Hot Legs / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / What Do You Got? / Diamond Ring / I'll Be There For You / Who Says You Can't Go Home / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Have a Nice Day / Keep the Faith

Encore: Dry County / Wanted Dead or Alive / I Love This Town / The More Things Change / Livin' on a Prayer

ps. Thanks to http://www.blameitonthelove.com/ for always proving the setlists!

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  1. We get a little but it's never enough!! I need another concert!! LOLOLOL

    Bring down Montreal!!! :)))