February 24, 2011

Who Says You Can't... Get a Tattoo?

Toronto (where awesome things happen), Canada! February 16th 2011

So one day you wake up, hangover from awesome shows… and you start talking to your friend over breakfast and decide to get a tattoo! Just like that ha ha even though “someone” told you not to… For all it’s worth I am pretty sure my grandkids will think I’m a funky Rock’n’Roll grandma with lots of stories to tell!

So here it is! Ta Da! After forty minutes of pain… pretty eh?!

ps. Thanks Sachinha for giving me the final push! I love that we have the same tattoo, at the same time on the best week ever!


  1. hahahahahahaha I loved this post! Our tattoo is so damn cute! :))) We are definitely gonna be a funky Rock’n’Roll grandma! :D

  2. Owww, nice tattoo. I maked one similar too the last december, 2 months later from my first Bon Jovi show. You can see my tattoo here if you want (http://sobre0nada.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/minha-tattoo/)! I loved your blog (sorry for my horrible english)