February 21, 2011

Toronto ACC First Night! A Night for Valentine's!

Toronto, Ontario CANADA February 14th 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Toronto!!!
"Well Good Evening Toronto! Thank You for spending Valentine's Night with us!" - Anytime babe...anytime!
Hello Hello! After a sleepless night (if you don’t know why, you might want to scroll down the page a bit to the last post), here we were going to the show with our Soul Package Seat, it’s kinda hard for me to go to a Bon Jovi show not knowing where my seats are... pretty much a wave of anxiety hits me until I find my spot. If you’re a fan you understand… ha!

We got to the arena to find pretty good center stage seats, with a big maple puck hanging up above our heads, pretty much my two favorite things going on at the same time! Ha! I was expecting the show to be pretty amazing, as it always is in Toronto… but also because it was Valentine’s Day and it’d bring a hint of romantic in the air… indeed.

It was awesome to hear the two new songs from the Greatest Hits, “No Apologies” and “The More Things Change” that always comes with a critic of the new Biebers and Gagas around *applause* and Jon holding the guitar saying “This is magic” and how they are getting better with time, just like wine! True Story.

Well now, I am so completely happy to be there for the most stunning version of “Superman Tonite” acoustic with Jon and Richie on the background, I can’t stop listening to it over and over and over… and “My Funny Valentine” was so beautiful and something I never thought I’d listen to live, and for everyone in the arena surprise and delight… “Thank You for Loving Me” after years and years played again! (even sweeter to know it was on our setlist we've given Jon the night before the show! Not saying anything...but just saying ;)  And I simply LOVED to watch Jon singing the entire "Pretty Woman" all by himself, he was so playful with the audience all night, but I guess you can’t always have the best seats in the house eh?

During the show there was the Kiss Camera going around and they would spot a couple and they had to kiss, it was pretty cute… my friends Bryan and Sacha are always on the big screen ;) and this time it couldn’t be different! They are the last couple to kiss followed by Jon’s comment “Bon Jovi is like Viagra for women!” It's priceless to see Jon asking for some smooches and even more to make out in front of him! Lordy Lordy!...

It was the first of our set-of-six Canadian shows, and as usual, Toronto always strikes with awesome Bon Jovi shows! The energy was amazing and you could tell the band was very happy, it was a very special Valentine's Day! Hard to top this one of!

Setlist: Blood on Blood / You Give Love a Bad Name / Born to Be My Baby / We Weren't Born to Follow / In These Arms / Lost Highway / The More Things Change / It's My Life / Runaway / We Got It Goin' On / Oh, Pretty Woman  / Bad Medicine / Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / My Funny Valentine Bed of Roses / Superman Tonight [acoustic] / I'll Be There For You / Who Says You Can't Go Home / No Apologies / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Keep the Faith

Encore: Thank You For Loving Me / Wanted Dead or Alive / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night /
Just Older / Livin' on a Prayer

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  1. EH!!! I'm so happy for sharing these moments with you! I want to read more!!! :)))