October 14, 2011

A Night for Jon Bon Jovi and Friends!

New York City, USA October 12th 2011

Greetings from New York City! On my very first, much awaited, Jon Bon Jovi and Friends Show!
And I am more than happy to report, it rocked!

I ain't talking about ticketing because I'd like this to be an upbeat post, but let me just state,
"Dear backstage with Jon Bon Jovi: Next time don't just release last minute fan club tickets to an event,
just because you couldn't sell out the place. Thank you."

Soooo, the venue was very intimate, it has been a long time I have seen a show in a place like this, which you would think makes a
Row P ticket seem a bit more conforting? What? Well, no. Not really. The only thing I have to say is...

Thank God for the loose security of Best Buy Theater and the majority of the non-die-hard-fans around me, when we could actually move over to the first row tier. Now that's more like it!

Being that I am a junkie for all Jovi cover songs, when Jon opened the show with "Help" my heart stopped a little bit...
just beautiful, most beautiful... the show went on with a great laid back atmosphere, despite the fact it was a charity event, where I actually thought everyone would just sit still. The crowd was having fun and so was Jon! "So you wanna be a Rock and Roll Star"
was also a cover I really wanted to watch live, and it was a great ice breaker followed by "Bad Name" that put everyone up on their feet
and off to better seats lol
"Under Pressure" was a great surprise and I am still feeling it...it's not every night you get Jon Bon Jovi covering Bowie and Freddie. Very very emotional!!!

Click on : Under Pressure

The show went on with some Jovi songs here and there, but since the whole band was not present it feels weird having "Wanted Dead or Alive" and no Sambora. So I'd rather stick to the covers...

"Simpathy for the Devil" on its fullest was, at least for me, one of the highlights! "Glad all over" with no major injuries this time phew! "Old Time Rock'n'Roll" and a song, that any die fan would die for... "6345789" was a classic!

Click on: Simpathy for the Devil

Click on : 6345789

Now... before the closing with "Twist and Shout" can I just say how I loved listening to "Living on a Prayer" acoustic? Someeeoneeeeee tell me... this night was for real? As a Jon Bon Jovi fan, it was so amazing to hear songs I never thought I would in a completely different atmosphere. Because ya know we all take what we can get! Worth every second :)

And Cassia, my friend, you are my one and only witness, to let me know that everything that happened after the lights went on was true, it's either too surreal or too good to be true, in any way... I'll take it! The Frank Sinatra singing and dancing on Times Square afterwards...well, that was just needed! (some things are better left unsaid) Come on, sing with me... "I want to be a part of it... New York...New Yooooork" !

And I'll leave you with just a boy and his guitar (sigh) : Teenage Wasteland

Setlist: Help / Rock'n'Roll Star / Bad Name / House Party / Lost Highway / Pretty Woman / Chain of Fools / Born To Follow / Under Pressure / Glad All Over / Wanted Dead or Alive / Simpathy for the Devil / Start Me Up /  Baba O'Reilly / Sleep When I am Dead / Who Says / The Letter /  Old Time Rock'n'Roll / Prayer Acoustic /  6345789 / Twist and Shout

Cheers to Jen Big Apple for the best pizza in New York!


  1. What a dream come true!!!! As you said, ticketing for this concert was a joke but I just want to keep the good memories! Being in NYC with my best friend and having the chance to see this amazing concert was priceless! A great set list and Jon in such a good mood......I loved every minute of it...

  2. What a terrific holiday it must have been for you girls! All the way across the continent for a Jovi-only vacation. Such adventurists!!!!


  3. So happy for you and Cassia. Nothing good comes easy huh?!


  4. What a great report! I wish I could have been there!!! Love your vids... as always :-)