April 19, 2010

Hard to get South...

Southampton, England June 9th 2006

I try not to give this one a lot of thought, because it was the most stressful pre-show I ever had. I was working in London for the summer. Oh Looondon <3 My boyfriend, back then, wanted to make me a big surprise and decided to take me to the Southampton show that summer. I was very grateful, of course, he bought us both a ticket, I don’t know how much I support taking a boyfriend to a Bon Jovi show with you, but eh…

So, I was living in South London back then and he went to pick me up, we got in the car at around 3pm so we’d have plenty of time to get to the shore, well so we thought… as we were leaving the house, we got lost, well he got lost, about three times till get to the right road…but that’s fine, we still had enough time. If it wasn’t for, of course, the traffic coming out of London for the hush hour, it took us about two hours to get half way to Southampton, where in regular hours would only take thirty minutes, could you picture my happy face sitting in the car?

“I told you we should have taken the train” was basically the only sentence I said while stuck in traffic, and when things are not supposed to work, they just don’t… as soon as we got off the jam, this weird smoke starts to come out of the car… and there we are, stopped by the road, about 15 minutes away from the city, trying to get the car to cool off so we could keep driving… now I knew that the opening band was already playing, I also knew I couldn’t just have a meltdown right there or he would just leave me by the road (maybe it wouldn’t be that bad of idea, I could have taken a ride lol)

By the time the car started again, we were so late already, and I was about to cry…not kidding. When we got across the bridge to enter the city, right by the stadium, I could hear Bon Jovi playing on the background…so we parked the car just anywhere and ran, ran so fast that I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, the show had already started and we were on the opposite gate of our tickets.

OH MY G… just remembering this makes me want to scream and punch someone, but the guy at the door, seeing my desperate state of mind let me in, to the floor…very close to the stage, well after all that stress we did have a good show, I can’t remember what song I got to hear first and all the rest is kind of a blur, plus I forgot my camera in the car lol

 I guess we all have to have a hard-to-get once. Southampton was not that good to me, but good thing I had two nights of Milton Keynes ahead of me! HA!...The comeback…

Setlist: Last Man Standing / Rockin' All Over the World (John Fogerty cover) / You Give Love A Bad Name / Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars / I'd Die For You / Born To Be My Baby / Story of My Life / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Runaway / The Radio Saved My Life Tonight / In These Arms / Have A Nice Day / Who Says You Can't Go Home / It's My Life / I'll Be There For You (electric, Richie on vocals) / Complicated / Bad Medicine / Raise Your Hands / Livin' On A Prayer
Encore: Bells of Freedom / Wanted Dead Or Alive / Everyday / Keep the Faith

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