April 8, 2010

Oh the First Time!

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. October 23rd 2002

I can't really put into words what those wristbands for a TV showcase in Rio meant to me. My very first time watching Bon Jovi, that feeling of “wow they are real” hit me right when Tico got on stage, followed by all of them, the last one was Jon. It was a whole month of calling, trying, thinking, not sleeping until we finally got them. Life changes and most of the people that were with me on that trip are no longer around but I do appreciate the help of few of them, no need to bring up names, to help me get there. It was definitely a dream come true for most of us, and something we’ll share in our lives regardless.

It went a bit like this, after getting a call from the TV show telling us we got the tickets and screaming our heads out, four of us hopped into a big ass van in our hometown and off we went to Sao Paulo to pick up the rest of the gang. I believe there were seven of us on the way to Rio. We get to our hotel eight to ten hours later, it’s raining and messy, and we are not sure what to do first, everyone is kinda nervous and trying to think straight with the phones ringing with news about the band every five minutes.

As every first time, for me the show was a blur, I can’t tell the beginning from the end but I know I was there. I never thought I had so much more to look forward to with Bon Jovi, for me that was it, right there, couple songs, a little talk and a wave. All it took to make me so happy! I can’t believe it’s been eight years since. So this was my very first experience with Bon Jovi, me and couple of friends in a van for a road trip. To everyone that was in the showcase van, wherever you are in this world right now, cheers!

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Set List: Everyday/My Life/Bad Name/Misunderstood/Bounce

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