April 16, 2010

Here's to Toronto Round #3!

Toronto, Canada January 24th 2006

This show was special for me because it was my very last day in Canada for a while and I had no idea when in my life I’d be able to see Bon Jovi live again, it’s like this really good moment in your life that you want to frame it and be in forever… I was sitting with a friend of mine, his name is Mike, and not only he had great seats and shared them with me but he also got us on stage! Back then we could still walk around the arena asking the crew or any Universal staff for wristbands that were leftovers from radio station contests, you didn’t have to buy any crazy expensive package to get on stage, it was free, a gift from the band… where did this time go?

We were group 3 to go on stage I believe, and they told us to go to the right side of the stage when the band was playing their eighth song, but of course, if you want to be first on the pit, you gotta go to the side stage at about the sixth song, or you get really far away in line to get up…so off we went. When we were about half way there I realized I went up on the right side already and it wasn’t so great, you have like three people blocking your Jon view… really… Hugh, Bob and Dave distracting you, so I had a black marker with me and TA-DA! All of the sudden I had an L on my wristband, oh boy the luck! lol

For the Sambora Fans it’s a dream view right there, I was about three feet away from him, if so, and Richie’s so awesome and came to our pit to shake our hands and I asked him for his guitar pick and got it…gotta love him! After the three songs we headed back to ours seats to “Bells of Freedom” and the highest part of the show for me…”Heroes” by Bowie, it was the most perfect way to close three great shows!

Livin’on a Prayer is my ultimate favorite song live, and everytime, I mean it, E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E this song plays on every concert I scream, smile, jump, cry and I go to the highest of heights I’ve ever been in any concert. The feeling of everyone singing the same lyrics together when the band stops playing, is something I am a completely junk for, and will go, around the world after…ditto.

Oh...and the Acoustic of Saturday Night...

Setlist: Last Man Standing / You Give Love A Bad Name / Complicated / Wild In the Streets / The Story of My Life / Everyday / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Born To Be My Baby / Just Older /Bells of Freedom / Have A Nice Day / Who Says You Can't Go Home / It's My Life / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (acoustic) / Blaze of Glory (acoustic) / Bed of Roses (acoustic) / Bad Medicine / Raise Your Hands / Livin' On A Prayer

Encores: Welcome To Wherever You Are / Last Cigarette / Wanted Dead Or Alive / Heroes (David Bowie cover) / Bounce / Runaway / Treat Her Right

Guess Who?

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