July 27, 2010

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada!

Winnipeg, CANADA July 17th 2010

It all started in a dull afternoon just randomly searching for tickets, when those first row tickets stumble at me! And not the other way around ;) Winnipeg, Manitoba. Never really thought about it, but first row is first row and who can let go of that? I remember texting Jen “You gotta come with me, it’s first row” and long story short she decided to come! I was so excited for my first awesome seat this tour and also to meet Jen, I don’t know which of the above set my lack of sleep. Pretty sure both. OH THE FIRST ROW!!!

Jen and I met on YouTube right after Lost Highway Tour, and been talking ever since almost every day without never actually meeting, hence my excitement! When my flight landed, a thunderstorm started almost right after, Jen was already there and so we met! And went straight to our hotel only to find out it was full of Bon Jovi fans as well ha!

We went out to get some after-show-wine and it was so funny how Jen would tell even the cab driver about our first row tickets! Loves! After finishing our banners and packing the cameras off we went to the stadium, we wanted to find our seats and look around, so we did.

Kid Rock entered the stage and OMG is he ever the worst? I don’t know whose idea it was to have him opening to Bon Jovi but seriously… to be front row to the awful lyrics, booze drinking, cigar smoking crap was not a good experience. We were hiding under the Canada flag pretty much the whole thing and laughing our behind off at all the weirdo fans around us… seriously!

So the show finally started and it was so cool to be there… Jon was all flirty checking everyone out, reading banners, and coming our way all the time! At some point I was holding my “Jon Kiss Me” banner and Jen was pointing at it… he came up and opened his eyes wide and made a super cute face to it! The best part was at the very beginning of the show when he was looking at me and I mouthed “I love you” to him… and he smiled back. There, right there, was the first time I actually said it and he was in front of me to see it… ahhh…

When he went walking to the inner circle we both ran and I got to touch his hand, so soft… it was beautiful to be so close! David was great at the keys and because we were kinda in front of him we got lots of smiles, and nods… which was also very cool! You could see that Jon's leg was still buggin' him, he would jump on one leg, and sometimes you could see him limp, but he was still there, smiling, playing, being awesome as only he knows how...At the end of the show we got to walk away with our chairs, and all the way back to the hotel , people asked how we got it, and Jen was sure to tell them how ;)
Back to our hotel room and wine we were uploading pictures, videos and laughing… I crashed at about 3ish in the morning and Jen fell asleep watching her pictures on a slideshow with the notebook on her lap … good times!

Setlist: Blood on Blood / We Weren't Born to Follow / You Give Love a Bad Name / Whole Lot of Leavin' / Born to Be My Baby / Lost Highway / It's My Life / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / We Got It Goin' On / Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison cover] / Shout! [Isley Brothers cover] / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / Bed of Roses / I'll Be There For You / When We Were Beautiful / Runaway / Work for the Working Man / Have a Nice Day / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Keep the Faith
Encore: Wanted Dead or Alive / I Love This Town / Livin' on a Prayer

It was great to have you there with me Chicago! What’s our next stop?


  1. Love it! You girls were soooo lucky!!

  2. Love YOU TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... I just saw you again today ..non Jovi related but so good to see you again a week later!!!

  3. Jen! :) So great to have you at the show with me! Can't wait for the winter Wind City dates! Bring it ON!!!!