July 31, 2010

Hello Toronto Round Number One!

Toronto, Ontario CANADA July 20th 2010

I arrived in Toronto to a very hot summer day, after meeting a friend I didn’t see for year, that I met at a Bon Jovi concert back in 2005, Karyna! She didn’t have a ticket to the show and I couldn’t just leave a fan behind…so off to last minute ticket buying we went and was she ever happy with her present? :)

The show was at Rogers Center, a huge baseball stadium, we were saying we’d rather have like last tours, five shows in the arena, but Jon wanted to play all the venues there in Toronto and what can we do other than show up? Haha he even made a little comment about it during the show.

So, back in the circle! Third row center just the way I love it! The show was pretty amazing, kicking Winnipeg set list ass all the way to Manitoba ha! It was a long show, with four songs in the circle… and oh boy did we ever get a good spot right under Richie’s and beside Jon when they walked over! “Bed of Roses” was amazing with someone giving Jon a rose and “Something for the Pain” was back! In between songs someone asked Jon for an autograph on their earphones and he turned to Matt and said “Gimme” and signed the thing in the middle of the show! Pretty awesome! There were some cute little girls that couldn’t be more than 8 years old singing all the songs and Jon and Richie were in love with them… Jon even said “Hi little sisters!” Melts*

I had the same sign up and it was great to have a wave from Jon like “Hey you!” oh my… Kid Rock joined Bon Jovi for a “Old Time Rock’n’Roll” performance which was pretty cool … and Always electric right up front like that was just the end for a perfect, perfect night!

Click On: Always!

Setlist: Blood on Blood / We Weren't Born to Follow / You Give Love a Bad Name / Born to Be My Baby / Lost Highway / Runaway / It's My Life / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / We Got It Goin' On / Bad Medicine / Old Time Rock & Roll [Bob Seger cover/feat. Kid Rock] / Love's the Only Rule / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / Bed of Roses / I'll Be There For You / Something for the Pain [acoustic] / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [acoustic] / In These Arms / Work for the Working Man / Have a Nice Day / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Keep the Faith

Encore: Always / Wanted Dead or Alive / Livin' on a Prayer

Big HUG to Mel, Cassia, Leticia, Sachinha and Bryan!
See you on the Road!

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