July 27, 2010

London O2 Arena Round # Five!

London, England June 13th 2010

"Night Number Five and You're still Alive!!!"

So this was a freaking rock set list to close the five sets of London shows! It was weird not having David on the keys but Jeff Kazee is no short than super cool as well. It was so awesome to have Last Man Standing opening! It brought back HAND Tour memories, plus as we all know, they are the last band standing alright!

As hard as it was to face the last night of shows, I was completely happy with all the new songs and achievements of a fan life this tour has brought me. Out of all I have been so far this one has been the one with the most closeness I have ever had with this band, and I wish every real fan can once have all of these and more in their lifetime. It is amazing to be close, touch, sing and cry with whoever you look up to in your life!

There were some little jokes between the band and the audience, someone had a pair of little maracas and Jon traded his for the little ones and half of Keep the Faith was performed with little cute red maracas haha loved that! Also, something I didn't quite get but it had to do with someone being introduced to Richie after the show Wooooo! I wish...
Those were the best seats we got since the first show, we did have some annoying people walking around spilling beer and I, wasn't so lucky with a spanish creep by my side with no sense of space or cleanse may I add... ouch! But of course we were trying to enjoy as much as possible and to run down and touch Jon’s hand in Bed of Roses with him looking right at me was my highest moments during the show… if I haven't said so a thousand times... London show ROCKS!

I need to add that this Pretty Woman was the hottest one I've ever seen!

Here's when Jon gets the little red maracas from the audience!

Great night, great band! Thanks for the memories…

Setlist: Last Man Standing / We Weren't Born to Follow / You Give Love a Bad Name / Whole Lot of Leavin' / Born to Be My Baby / Lost Highway / Superman Tonight / When We Were Beautiful/ Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars / We Got It Goin' On / Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison cover] / Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals] / (You Want to) Make a Memory / Bed of Roses / Something for the Pain [acoustic] / Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [acoustic] / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / It's My Life / Work for the Working Man / Who Says You Can't Go Home / Keep the Faith

Encore: In These Arms / Wanted Dead or Alive / Livin' on a Prayer

Canada Tour Here We Come!

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